I’m currently trying to finish my Masters in Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, which is based at CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) just outside of Machynlleth in Mid Wales (www.cat.org.uk)…

My final thesis is looking at using waste paper mixed with lime as a building material. If you have, or know anyone that has built a house or any type of building using paper, cardboard or ‘papercrete‘ then please let me know. Thanks…


I love Roller Coasters especially wooden one’s, they just look so beautiful, I am also really into old Landrover’s, I current drive a 1968 series II, Other interests are – Environmental Science: check out Podcasts like Earthwatch Radio, Grassroots Channel, Green.TV (not that I agree with they views on 4X4′s, we do need to reduce CO2 emissions but the average car only puts out 2 tonne’s of CO2 per year where as the average home in the UK puts out 18 tonne’s per year, with the way the weather is changing 4X4 may be the only way to get around, one day I will put a blog up on here about this, one day..), Greenpeace, NPR: Environment, National Geographics Video Shorts. I also like technology and science so check out some of the Podcast by: 60-second Science, Absolute Science, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, New Scientist, Science @ NASA Feature Stories, Science Magazine, Science Update, SFN Mission Report Minute, Spitzer Space Telescope. All these Podcast can be found on iTunes.


I know as a 35 year old male I should only like action films, but with them when you have seem one you have pretty much seem them all, the latest ‘James Bond‘ film has a great first 15 min with the Free Running chase but after that it’s just a bad Bond film, they have an Aston Martin but it’s always parked in the car park, goes out once it the dark and then flip over driving along a smooth flat road, It must be the most unsafe car on the road. Anyway apart from bad Bond films, I love old films with ‘Audrey Hepburn‘, ‘Jane Fonda‘, ‘Doris Day‘ or really old B&W films. Modern films tend to be more for who the actress is in them then what the film is about, but I loved ‘The Secretary‘, ‘The Notebook‘, ‘Underworld‘ (all of them), Plus a lot of the Japanese, Chinese films with wire work such as ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘. I also like other stuff like ‘The life of David Gale‘, ‘L’Appartement‘ and old horror’s like the original ‘The Exorcist‘ and yes and do watch the ‘Star Wars‘ films.


Anything really, I have just got into looking for new band on MySpace so check out my friends list on there for some great up and coming bands and singer/song writers. My current favorite is Jenna Von Oy, thats her on the right in the B&W image fourth down, she used to play ‘Six‘ in the sitcom ‘Blossom‘ and was also in ‘The Parkers‘ she still act’s but is trying to get into music, she’s currently no. 2 in my top friends..

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  1. Could I Please Have a Joost Invite. Ty 4 invite.
    AmberMac Rules
    I am from England
    Where Are U from

  2. Steve: VERY comprehensive blog and very in tune with what’s going on in the world today, from an environmental and design approach. I was, however, surprised to see nothing related to landscape architecture, which can have such a positive impact on our built environment, especially in England.

    Please consider taking a look at the blog I’ve started related to sustainable landscape design.

    Keep up the good stuff. Thanks…

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