I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have noticed on my sites and a number of other sites that they now seems to be a lot of comments being really nice about either the content of the site or the design. All the comments below have different email address, IP numbers and website links.

I know some of these comments may be genuine, but from the ones I have listed below your see that even though the User name, email address, website link and IP are all different the actual comment is the same.

I can understand why spammers have now started coming up with fake user names, email address and website links, as blogging software/sites or content management system like WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Blogger, Typepad, Typo, etc, all have great anti spamming features, like Akismet, which means that once a blogger has blocked a spammer once, all other comments to they site by that spammers will either go into moderation or just gets deleted straight away. You could also use a CAPTCHA or even a Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin, which gets commentors to answer a simple maths problem before the comment will be posted, but some spammers now have ways to get around some of these, so make sure that what ever anti spamming plugin you use on you blog that you keep it up to date.

Although it does seems a little odd to me that spammers are now taking the time to fake IP address, but I do wish I knew how they did it.

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So is this just me being parody? or have spammers just started posting nice comment so that bloggers will approve them? and if so WHY?

When spammers left comments like these, which your notice have all be posted from the same IP address even though the user name, email address and website are all different.

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Gustavo Lindsay | jsxqy@jemnsw.com | fwnfutl.com |
kgqwu eqqnnapx


bxlqogz rmdqs


hkxtdkp gybmxzj


ytspb vnjpr



Reid Riley | ittnf@zxyh.com | frviczllhorm.com |
agnkcv hlyem


gdbjej hovfu


ivvyyb vqcqhq


ogmmkdp uykzgp



Trevor Wong | jxpri@cfhz.com | wevsqhevmkdx.com |
zqbtum zndli


ooksxc ssbvcxi


njbib jqfqv


knrhdyp lkihs



If anybody has any idea to what the spammers are up to please leave a comment, I promise if it’s a genuine comment that’s related to something in this post I won’t mark it as spam.

Oh and if you are one of the people who has posted one of the comments above and you are not a spammer then I’m sorry for thinking you where, and Many Thanks for taking the time to post the comment.

This site is running on WordPress.org with the Akismet plugin installed.

Some useful links to do with blocking spam comments.

If you have any more useful anti spam comment links please posts them in the comments, Thanks

Wiki – Spam_in_blogs


Secure Your WordPress Contact Form: Block Spam Emails

TypePad AntiSpam: Open Source Comment Spam Blocker

TypePad AntiSpam

Bad Behavior- WordPress Spam Blocker


Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin

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7 Responses to “Are Spammers Getting Nicer?”

  1. My guess would be that the point of the “nice” messages is to trigger the rule in some spam-filters which weights a message based on previously allowed messages from the same username/email combination, so if they get a “nice” message through, they can later use the same combination to get a “nasty” message through more easily.

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    I liken the ad blocking to stealing. I dont think anyone would want to be on the other side, trying to eek a living from our creativity. Why are actors and musicians entitled to make money from people consuming their artistic works and web masters are not?

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    I enable the publisher to deliver ads, if they abuse the tool its not my fault. People will vote with their clicks in the end.

    Thats how it should be. I think that people will figure that in order to consume good content they will have to deal with the ads. Thats a fact of life and it will remain that way if I have anything to say about it.


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