A “dog-umentary” about the trip of a lifetime that 7 four legged dogs made as they explored Australia with their three humans in tow.

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The idea for the trip came about when Suki (that’s her on the far right in the photo) developed an inoperable mass on her lymph, and her owners/slaves wanted to make her last days as happy for her as they could.

From the YouTube Page : http://www.laughingowl.com.au Seven rescued dogs, mostly elderly and most with health problems, go on the trip of a doggie lifetime. Because humans aren’t the only ones who need to smell the roses.

See www.laughingowl.com.au for details of the 53-minute version.”

The bunnies got all dressed up in penguin costumes to bring you March of the PengBuns. Click the Images to watch the movie

The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library @ AngryAlien.Com

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