Natalie Imbrulia promoting Ecover – Effective Cleaning – Ecologically

Funny Commercials
iPhone Ads all 3 of them (coming June 29)

So the iPhone is coming out on June 29 then, there are three ads out about how to use the iPhone but this video has all three back to back. Hope you like them, and your new iPhone, only 4 more weeks to wait, If you live in the USA

Danier Leather Clothing Commercial

“A lady with a nice physique comes into waiting room of a hotel, guy passes her keys to his room. She obviously does not want to sleep with the guy and gives his keys to a fat man” I’m not a great fan of leather but I do like this commercial found via

Chris Elliott's Mac vs. PC

PC gives Mac a special something he will never forget.

Conan - iPhone Commercial

It’s much more than just a phone! Check out some of its additional functions.

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