Archive of links Ontario to add more nuclear muscle to energy mix – Construction would begin within the next decade. “Building replacement nuclear facilities … will help Ontario meet its future energy needs, keep prices stable, cut our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Faster Wi-Fi deployed at U of Minnesota – ComputerWorld.Com The University of Minnesota is embarking on a five-year project to upgrade its Wi-Fi [...]

Archive of links ‘Forbes’: Facebook CEO is youngest self-made billionaire – Forbes magazine released its list of the world’s mega-rich Wednesday and said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 23, became the youngest ever self-made billionaire. Zuckerberg, who turns 24 in May, is worth $1.5 billion. Holiday draught? Guinness tries to make St Patrick’s Day a US national holiday – TaipeiTimes.Com “If we have a million signatures by midnight March [...]

Archive of links Top four reasons Blu-ray Disc will tank – ComputerWorld.Com four reasons why most of America probably won’t be heading down to Wal-Mart to buy a Blu-ray player anytime soon: Fix dead pixel – Simply drag the above graphic to your dead pixel and let it stay there for about 1 hour. The graphic will try to massage the dead pixel back alive again by getting [...]

Archive of links Pioneer to stop making 42-inch plasma panels – TheGlobeAndMail.Com Pioneer Corp. will stop making 42-inch plasma panels and instead buy panels in that size and smaller from Panasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial or Hitachi Ltd. to turn around its loss-making flat TV business, the Asahi newspaper said. No One Bids for $4.5 Million Ferry on eBay – SeattleTimes.NWSource.Com “The Washington state Transportation Department was asking at [...]

Archive of links Did You Know How These Names Came About! – Jaxey.Com Java – Originally called Oak by creator James Gosling, from the tree that stood outside his window, when programming team had to look for a substitute, Java was selected. It came from the name of the coffee that the programmers drank. Cult of the Dead Cow turns Google into a vulnerability scanner – Heise-Online.Co.UK This kind [...]

Archive of links 25 Mind-Blowing Gadgets – Monday Inspiration – SmashingMagazine.Com 25 mind-blowing gadgets and devices which are already available today. Among them you’ll find loudspeakers, turntables, TV sets, furniture, laptop sleeves and more. Most of them aren’t cheap at all, and many of them cost over $10,000. BBC to put shows on iTunes ‘next week’ – TheRegister.Co.UK A TV industry source claims BBC Worldwide will on Tuesday detail [...]

Archive of links Free University Lectures – LectureFox.Com # physics # chemistry # computer science # mathematics, A list of lectures from some of the top universities from around the world for you to download for free and watch, listen and learn Megastructures: Rungnado May Day Stadium, Pyongyang, Korea – Nature-Blog.Com Rungnado May Day Stadium has 150 000 seats and a total floor space of more than 207 000 [...]

Archive of links Compiz Plugins – Compiz.Org Compiz was designed with a highly extensible plugin system (like Firefox’s plugin system). Cube Plugin, Multiple workspace support. Each workspace is on a different side of a 3D cube, also unfolds to show multiple workspaces at once. The Hidden Truth Behind Hotel Drinking Glasses – DivineCaroline.Com A disturbing video uncovering a nasty hotel practice. Welcome to RVTV is pleased to announce [...]

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