Week 19 Swept under the carpet ...

Swept under the carpet … Red faces as another Banksy mural bites the dust from the Daily Mail.Co.UK site When renowned graffiti artist Banksy created one of his trademark pieces on the wall of the cutting-edge White Cube art gallery he might have expected it to be in safe hands. But the gallery has been left embarrassed after the £200,000 work was destroyed. The mural, called Sweep It Under The [...]

Week 19 The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator Sculpture Originally uploaded on April 03, 2007 by Lockwasher. He’s 19 inches tall and weighs in at 6.5 lbs. I’d list out all the items used in his assemblage but as it turns out most folks like to try and guess what was used. A complete detailed list of Mr. P’s parts is available on request.

Week 19 Polish Poster Art

Polish Poster Art – A1 and A2 size posters to buy This site is a great source for some amazing and original posters. Links to movie posters from : USA : France : Italy : Japan : Poland : Russia : UK : Germany : Sweden : Spain : Czech : Hungary : Denmark : Other Countries Poster for other subjects : Opera : Theater : Exhibition : Other From [...]

How the

A time lapse video of Julian Beever creating the Aveeno Fountain of Youth chalk drawing in Union Square, New York City on January 15th, 2007. See a full gallery of Julian’s work at flickr.com/photos/pavement

Jan 272007

Froot Loop Art Installation

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