Leonard Cohen Hallelujah, plus 8 other versions

Here’s 9 versions of Hallelujah, writen by Leonard Cohen, and featured in the movie Shrek. I’m not religious but I do really like this song. I prefer the Allison Crowe version, what version do you like best/least? The other 8 versions are after the jump Allison Crowe, live performance John Cale Rufus Wainwright (Irish performance) Espen Lind(on gitar), Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen(World Idol) 4 norwegian singers Jeff Buckley [...]

Solid State Musical Tesla Coil

Joe DiPrima and Duck demonstrate the Solid State Musical Tesla Coil Found via Makezine.Com

Lightning on the Lawn 07 - Singing Tesla Coils

Found via Makezine.Com

Twin Musical Tesla Coils playing Mario Bros

The music that you hear is coming from the sparks that these two identical high power solid state Tesla coils are generating. There are no speakers involved. The Tesla coils stand 7 feet tall and are each capable of putting out over 12 foot of spark. They are spaced about 18 feet apart. The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is [...]

Shrink My Tunes or Make My iPod Larger

With Apple annoucing a new range of iPods one of the biggest, or rather smallest, problems that the new range has is the small amount of storage that you get on th iPod Touch. Images borrowed from Apple.Com/UK I really want to get the 16GB iTouch but I have why to many audio podcasts and audio books that I listen to regularly and would want to put on it, that [...]

Power mixer 'KEVIC DPM 1204'

Tuksoo AV presented its controlled by computered power mixer ‘KEVIC DPM 1204‘ during Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2007)

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