BBC iPlayer Goes HD

So is it just me being a little slow, please don’t answer that, but now long as the BBC’s iPlayer been offering some of it’s show in HD to either watch online or download?

Online TV on Demand Failing in the UK

I don’t know about many of you in the UK, by I now do what little TV watching I have time for via the online watch on demand services that the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 offer up. The only problem I am having with this is that both the BBC’s ‘iPlayer’ and Channel 4′s ’4oD’, have both been suffering from major down time over the last couple [...]

London to Brighton in 4 minutes - BBC interlude

When TV first started it was all done live, often when one program finished, the next one was not ready, and the gaps had to be filled. So the BBC developed a number if interludes to fill these gaps, this is one of the most famous. If your in the UK and click though to it soon you can see this in high def on the BBC’s iPlayer Here’s a [...]

Solid State Musical Tesla Coil

Joe DiPrima and Duck demonstrate the Solid State Musical Tesla Coil Found via Makezine.Com

Lightning on the Lawn 07 - Singing Tesla Coils

Found via Makezine.Com

Twin Musical Tesla Coils playing Mario Bros

The music that you hear is coming from the sparks that these two identical high power solid state Tesla coils are generating. There are no speakers involved. The Tesla coils stand 7 feet tall and are each capable of putting out over 12 foot of spark. They are spaced about 18 feet apart. The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is [...]

PlayAnywhere - Prototype Interactive Display

PlayAnywhere – Prototype Interactive Display surface that transforms any ordinary surface into an interactive input/output surface. from the page – We use computer vision technology to sense when the user touches the surface and to reason about other objects placed on the surface, such as game pieces. The PlayAnywhere configuration and unique form factor opens up many new possibilities: consider a combined sensor, projector, computation pod that a child can [...]

iPhone Ads all 3 of them (coming June 29)

So the iPhone is coming out on June 29 then, there are three ads out about how to use the iPhone but this video has all three back to back. Hope you like them, and your new iPhone, only 4 more weeks to wait, If you live in the USA

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