Markus STÖCKL's Downhill Mountain Bike Speed Record on Snow

MARKUS STÖCKL DID 210,4 KM/H (130,74 MILE/H) ON A STANDARD MOUNTAINBIKE. In Chile (La Parva) Markus found the perfect location to make his dream come true. On a 1,6 km long track, partly 45 degrees steep, he did the world record run. With that impressive run he could set a new benchmark (187km/h old record) and nearly touched the speedbikerecord of 222km/h (special bikes equipped with aerodynamic covers).

Eric Barone's Downhill Mountain Bike Speed Record Accident

Eric Barone’s disasterous attempt at the Mountain Bike World Speed Record.

Bamboo Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

In the mid-nineties, flooring manufacturers became the first modern companies to take advantage of bamboo, Asians have used it in construction for centuries, but manufacturers are also using it to make bikes. Cross country bike designed for use with 80 mm or 100 mm travel forks and is vailable in 26″ or 29″ wheelsizes. Bamboo Bike Features: Amazing Vibration Damping – Even better than Carbon fiber! High performance frame. Weighs [...]

Motorcycle Ferrari with a V4 engine via

Thanks to for posting these images Motorcycle Ferrari with touchscreen-control and suspension with variable height developed industrial designer Amir Glinik from Israel. To fit a motorcycle engine Ferrari V8 had to «reduce» engine 2 times. Got to to see more images of this bike

Environmentally Friendly Supercar

The 342mph environmentally friendly supercar that’s yours for a cool £1m – DailyMail.Co.UK It only has a 1.4 litre engine plus a 3hp electric motor but returns 75mpg, although not at 342mph, wonder why it has a UK£130,000 sound system in it? So if your still looking for a Hybrid and have a spare million then take a look. The two-seater supercar produces less carbon dioxide emissions than a standard [...]

Pedal The Ocean

from the page – When I designed, built and powered my Critical Power human powered vehicle 650 miles in 24 hours setting a new world record, my message to the world was to raise awareness of the serious health issues afflicting modern society caused by our sedentary lifestyle. Simply put – To stem the obesity epidemic, we need to become more active! Now, I plan to do the same thing [...]

The HumanCar Explained

from the page – This is a 120 second short film about the HumanCar. The sentimental version, please feel free to send us a note if you would like to join the discussion or even wish to own one. tell your friends and send us a note – Thanks!

Human-Electric Hybrid

This is an electric-assisted velomobile called the Go-One. I commute in it from SE Portland to Hillsboro (20 miles) on a frequent basis. Zero gas consumption, and just the right amount of exercise!

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