Sienna Miller talking about global warming and how to help prevent it. found via Hugg.Com

This Bulb

Natalie Portman, Kyra Sedgwick, Chloe Sevigny and others explain how changing one lightbulb can help the whole world, as featured on National Geographic’s Green page. Featuring music by Aimee Mann and footage from National Geographic. So how many light bulbs can you change in your own home and at work? Orignal found via GreenThinkers.Org

Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Ford Airstream Concept

A car inspired by a caravan? Designers are always telling us that their ideas for the latest vehicles have come from the unlikeliest of places, but an old caravan? Perhaps the most serious part of this car is the power source. Just like the Ford Edge we have already driven it features the firm’s electric- hydrogen fuel cell HySeries Drive. The lithium ion battery is charged up from the mains [...]


The bridge, located over the Gardon River in southern France, is made almost entirely out of cardboard tubes (281 to be exact), and is strong enough to carry 20 people at a time and weights only 7.5 tonnes. The bridge also sits adjacent to an ancient Roman Bridge, creating an interesting juxtaposition. “It is a very interesting contrast, the Roman stone bridge and the paper bridge. Paper too can be [...]

The Green Online : Work

The Green Online with Simran Sethi: Work from the page – “Constructive capitalism… is this possible? Explore companies that do right by their employees.” Now way can’t all companies link the highest paid staff salary to the lowest paid? Do some CEO’s really do the same amount of work as 260 of their companies lowest paid staff?

Pedal The Ocean

from the page – When I designed, built and powered my Critical Power human powered vehicle 650 miles in 24 hours setting a new world record, my message to the world was to raise awareness of the serious health issues afflicting modern society caused by our sedentary lifestyle. Simply put – To stem the obesity epidemic, we need to become more active! Now, I plan to do the same thing [...]

The HumanCar Explained

from the page – This is a 120 second short film about the HumanCar. The sentimental version, please feel free to send us a note if you would like to join the discussion or even wish to own one. tell your friends and send us a note – Thanks!

Human-Electric Hybrid

This is an electric-assisted velomobile called the Go-One. I commute in it from SE Portland to Hillsboro (20 miles) on a frequent basis. Zero gas consumption, and just the right amount of exercise!

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