Random Photos Worth Looking At from waldospost.com

Here’s three images from a post over at waldospost.com that I though some of you may like Obama Punch Nuns with Legs Porn Stars Ages Gracefully

Orion SkyView Pro 127, 5 inch astronomical telescope

… or really long 1540mm camera lense OK, I’m not really a great photographer, but I do love the technology involved in modem digital camera and long lenses. I just don’t love the price of some of this things. But thanks to Jarle Aasland over on NikonWeb.com I may have found a way to get a 1540mm lense for les than a 300mm lenses, that less than £600. (us$1,149) Here’s [...]

Motorcycle Ferrari with a V4 engine via cars-show.org

Thanks to cars-show.org for posting these images Motorcycle Ferrari with touchscreen-control and suspension with variable height developed industrial designer Amir Glinik from Israel. To fit a motorcycle engine Ferrari V8 had to «reduce» engine 2 times. Got to cars-show.org to see more images of this bike

Subaru WRX STI Powered ATV!

NOTE: Now with Video, posted at the bottom of this post from CarScoop.Blogspot.Com – A quad-bike with a turbocharged Subaru Impreza WRX STi engine? We’ve seen some crazy stuff here at Carscoop but this ‘thing’ is totally nuts and we want one ASAP! The hand made ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) was built by a Ken Brough, a New-Zealander who describes himself as ‘a 50-year-old with petrol in my veins’. The STiATV weighs [...]

The Latest Historical Marker

GroovyGreen.Com Being Green is not always as straight forward as you may think. Help support your local markets before they all end up like this. Originally uploaded to GroovyGreen.Com by Steve Balogh on September 4th, 2007

Archive of del.icio.us links Apple set to reveal iPhone launch date in UK – Telegraph.Co.UK Suspicions were aroused among journalists this week when the notoriously secretive company sent them an invitation to next week’s event, headed “Mum’s no longer the Word”. Korea sues Intel for unfair trade – TheAustralian.News.Com.AU In July the European Commission alleged that Intel offered chips below cost. The Silicon Valley company could face a fine in [...]


The bridge, located over the Gardon River in southern France, is made almost entirely out of cardboard tubes (281 to be exact), and is strong enough to carry 20 people at a time and weights only 7.5 tonnes. The bridge also sits adjacent to an ancient Roman Bridge, creating an interesting juxtaposition. “It is a very interesting contrast, the Roman stone bridge and the paper bridge. Paper too can be [...]

US National Parks - Pacific Coast and Mountains

the photography of QT Luong more images of Olympic more images of Redwood more images of Channel Islands more images of North Cascades more images of Mount Rainier more images of Crater Lake more images of Lassen Volcanic more images of Yosemite more images of Kings Canyon more images of Sequoia Some amazing images taken of all of the 58 National Parks in America, with an old style Large Format [...]

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