iKub Shuffle by dpmhi.comThe head can be removed and replaced with your shuffle, whilst the docking cable is inserted into the back meaning your kubrick now has a shuffle for a head and can be charged or have tracks uploaded.

Price GBP: 32.00

The Procrastinator Sculpture

Originally uploaded on April 03, 2007 by Lockwasher.

He’s 19 inches tall and weighs in at 6.5 lbs. I’d list out all the items used in his assemblage but as it turns out most folks like to try and guess what was used. A complete detailed list of Mr. P’s parts is available on request.

YouTube Preview Image

This is the Plano robot from Japan doing it’s roller skating thing.

YouTube Preview Image

This robot takes it to the extreme with skateboarding and skating.. Amazing that he is controlled via a Cell Phone.

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