3G iPhone Blues - Original Song by Leah D'Emilio

So has the love of all things Apple finally come to an end? What with AmberMac no longer wanting the new 3GiPhone due to the high price of the 3 year contracts that Rogers are charging in Canada, and now even the iPhone loving American’s seem to have lost that loving feeling for the new 3G version. This is a great song by the new host of Mahalo Daily Leah [...]

iPod Touch Ad - Nick Haley

Apple is preparing to air a new TV commercial on Sunday, October 28th featuring its recently introduced iPod touch. From an article on MacNN.Com “The commercial features a fast-paced overview of the portable player atop a song titled “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex,” according to the New York Times. Interestingly the spot’s creator, Nick Haley, is an 18-year-old student and Apple fan in the UK who created the content [...]

Archive of del.icio.us links Apple set to reveal iPhone launch date in UK – Telegraph.Co.UK Suspicions were aroused among journalists this week when the notoriously secretive company sent them an invitation to next week’s event, headed “Mum’s no longer the Word”. Korea sues Intel for unfair trade – TheAustralian.News.Com.AU In July the European Commission alleged that Intel offered chips below cost. The Silicon Valley company could face a fine in [...]

Archive of del.icio.us links Intel chases 16 cores, AMD ups RAM capacity – MacNN.Com This quarter, Intel will debut a new multi-processor platform dubbed Caneland that will support 4 quad-core processors for a total of 16 cores, The new platform will make use of the Tigerton processor, which will top out at 2.93GHz iProcrastinate – Productivity Tools – Apple.Com/Downloads A helpful app for students, moms, businessmen, and really anyone who [...]

Archive of del.icio.us links Top 15 Bizarre True Stories – The List Universe This list was compiled by the co-editor of the Fortean Times, a Journal of Strange Phenomena, a monthly British magazine. I Am Unblocked Proxy I Am Unblocked Proxy is a new web proxy bought to you by the owners of Youtube Download. Well with I Am Unblocked Proxy, you will be able to go to sites which [...]

Apple iPhone Unboxing - Mobilitysite

Unboxing of an 8GB iPhone by the people from Mobilitysite Don’t get to excited he only unboxes it in this video

iPhone Ads all 3 of them (coming June 29)

So the iPhone is coming out on June 29 then, there are three ads out about how to use the iPhone but this video has all three back to back. Hope you like them, and your new iPhone, only 4 more weeks to wait, If you live in the USA

del.icio.us links for May 14, 2007 – Apple Related Stories Digital World Watch iPod Vids on the Big(ger) Screen – PCWorld.Com In order to stand out at the ever-growing iPod party, products need to look cool and/or do something special. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Altec Lansing’s inMotion iMV712, an iPod speaker system with an 8.5-inch screen (available now). The Fake Steve Jobs is… – CNET News.Com [...]

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