How Good Is Your Graphic Card? Test It Out With Miranda Lambert

How day’s we have multi-megabit, paid per month, broadband and as a result we now want our on-line video’s and TV-On-Demand at a much higher quality, and in some better than the quality we get on TV, but even though our broadband came serve us these video’s just as fast as we can watch them, can our Graphics Cards cope with the higher video quality of service’s like YouTube HD?

Optical illusion - When are colours really just in your mind?

If you stare at the cross on the middle of the blue tinted female, once the image turns to black and white, your be able to see her in colour. If you think it’s only the last section of the video that has her in black and white then use the play head to jump back to about 2/3rds of the way though the video and check for yourself,

Low Water -

From: lowwater Added: April 24, 2008 Video for Low Water’s song “Sister, Leave Me” from the record “Who Said That Life Is Over?”

History of Video Games (1972-2007)

Posted by applemctom A full list of the game featured in this video are listed after the jump. How many can you name without looking at the list

A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock in Vanity Fair, March 2008

Iconic Images from Classic Hitchcock Films by Vanity Fair Alferd Hitchcock, Vanity Fair cover, March 2008 For Vanity Fair’s 14th annual Hollywood Issue they took 21 of the finest actors working today, plus 4 of Vanity Fair’s best photographers to recreate some of the most iconic images of film. Read the rest of this article to see the Vanity Fair version side by side with the original Hitchcock image. Click [...]

The Miniature Earth

There’s no really comments here as I think this video says all that is need to be said.

The Pod. part i. The Animated Adventures

The first of 3 parts Episode 1 “Techno is not a Joke”. Animated adventures of techno art collective The Pod. The Pod are a late eighties electronic dance outfit trying to cope with the mid nineties post rave come down. This was made over five years ago but not many people have seem it, This version was posted on YouTube in April but so far has been viewed less then [...]

Simpsons Star Wars Parody Cartoons

We have already had ‘The Simpsons do Abbey Road‘ now the Simpson are taking on George Lucas as they remake the opening into in the style of the Starwars movies An orignal pop culture parody by animator Rich Cando. More work can be seen at or Check out these other Star Wars videos dy Rich Cando at Star Dudes, The Bad Dudes Strike Back, Return of the [...]

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