This video is of Amber and Jeff MacArthur’s (from parents talking to news about their new store that will be opening soon on Prince Edward Island (PEI) of the north east coast of main land Canada

For Marmite Lovers Everywhere

Found in Tesco Extra Kingston, in Milton Keynes, UK on March 13th, 2008 As the price label just below the boxs show, these are 59 pence each. If you have found any other Marmite products please link to a photo of them online in the comments. Thanks

Bizarre Foods at the Lunch Table on Heavy.Com

For some reason I don’t seem to be hungry any more… Get more “Bizarre” at … Andrew Zimmern grosses out his coworkers with his bizarre lunch. One man’s weird is another man’s wonderful. All new episodes of Bizarre Foods air Tuesdays at 10pm beginning March 4, only on Travel Channel. NOTE:Now linking to a version on YouTube


Amber, One of my online friends parents have just launched a new online store, at BestofPEI.Com, for the already succesful real world store that they own and run in Charlottetown on the Prince Edward Island (PEI), that’s in the north east part of Canada. They asked Amber for help in getting the site known to the online community, so she posted a blog about it, and now I’m doing the [...]

Archive of links Apple set to reveal iPhone launch date in UK – Telegraph.Co.UK Suspicions were aroused among journalists this week when the notoriously secretive company sent them an invitation to next week’s event, headed “Mum’s no longer the Word”. Korea sues Intel for unfair trade – TheAustralian.News.Com.AU In July the European Commission alleged that Intel offered chips below cost. The Silicon Valley company could face a fine in [...]

The Japanese Tradition - Sushi

It explains the manners in a traditional Japanese sushi bar. Although there is slightly exaggerated and unusual explanations…..

Week 17 The First Undersea Restaurant

The First Undersea Restaurant via The worlds first ever all-glass undersea restaurant in t he world opens its doors for business at the Hilton Maldives Resort &Spa on the 15th April this year. Ithaa will sit five meters below the waves of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views. Read the rest of the article [...]

The Hite of BBQ

Jackie Hite has been working in the barbecue business for 55 years beginning as a ten-year-old when he helped his father cook whole hogs. He says people love the smell of hickory wood coming from the pits at his restaurant, in Batesburg-Leesville, S.C. “You come through here in the night it smells so damn good,” Hite said with pride. “People tell me all the time, I can’t wait till Thursday [...]

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