The bridge, located over the Gardon River in southern France, is made almost entirely out of cardboard tubes (281 to be exact), and is strong enough to carry 20 people at a time and weights only 7.5 tonnes. The bridge also sits adjacent to an ancient Roman Bridge, creating an interesting juxtaposition. “It is a very interesting contrast, the Roman stone bridge and the paper bridge. Paper too can be [...]

Pileus - The Internet Umbrella

The latest incarnation of the Internet Umbrella that supports both Flickr and Google Earth, packs a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS and a digital compass. Its two main functions are the sharing of photos on the walk and navigation. Using the umbrella’s camera a user can take a picture and upload it to Flicker via a wireless Internet connection. Just to complete the distraction, beyond viewing still images on [...]

Japanese Street Dancer Woman

Japanese woman who dances on the street in Shinjuku when they close it on Sundays. She never cease to scare a few of the locals and tourists alike with her intensity and seemingly free form style. Very weird lady, but fun to watch, once you get used to the fact that she is NOT actually having a seizure

Japan Show

If this was three girl it would be a very funny and well choreographed routine, but as it’s three male’s it’s just a little weird, yet some now still funny…

Crazy Ass Japanese Game Show - part two

More prove that all a girl needs to do to get a guy to do anything she wants is to just stand there wearing just a tiny bikini… Yes, it even works if she wants the guy to sit in a large tank of very hot water just to get her to jiggle…

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