Shrink My Tunes or Make My iPod Larger

With Apple annoucing a new range of iPods one of the biggest, or rather smallest, problems that the new range has is the small amount of storage that you get on th iPod Touch. Images borrowed from Apple.Com/UK I really want to get the 16GB iTouch but I have why to many audio podcasts and audio books that I listen to regularly and would want to put on it, that [...]

Week 18 - Knowledge storage

What is Knowledge storage, management and sharing service. knows that knowledge can be different and helps you in saving and finding it. How to start? Sign Up Now! It is free. After sign up you will be able to post your Knowledge Cells. Who uses Anybody, who knows the price of knowledge. You can save anything – contacts, notes, code snippets, lyrics, to-dos, whishlists, links, etc. And watch [...]

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