For some reason I don’t seem to be hungry any more…

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Get more “Bizarre” at … Andrew Zimmern grosses out his coworkers with his bizarre lunch.

One man’s weird is another man’s wonderful. All new episodes of Bizarre Foods air Tuesdays at 10pm beginning March 4, only on Travel Channel.

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  1. Apple set to reveal iPhone launch date in UK – Telegraph.Co.UK

    Suspicions were aroused among journalists this week when the notoriously secretive company sent them an invitation to next week’s event, headed “Mum’s no longer the Word”.

  2. Korea sues Intel for unfair trade – TheAustralian.News.Com.AU

    In July the European Commission alleged that Intel offered chips below cost. The Silicon Valley company could face a fine in Europe of up to 10 per cent of its global annual revenues and in Korea of up to 3 per cent.

  3. Facebook breastfeeding flap – TheStar.Com

    Breastfeeding activists are emailing, posting and instant messaging their outrage. A new Facebook group set up to petition for a change in site policy – called “Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!” has more than 10,200 members.

  4. MP tries to ban water – New Zealand National news – NZHerald.Co.NZ

    Mrs Dean was caught in a hoax by an online blogger asking for her help in banning dihydrogen monoxide – the chemical name for H20. The blunder is a long-running hoax that seeks to trick gullible MPs into calling for the eradication of water.

  5. And now a blog on Bollywood in Finnish – ExpressIndia.Com

    Anu, who travelled to India for the first time about a decade ago, admits she does not understand Hindi. Mann, the Aamir Khan-Manisha Koirala starrer, was the first Indian movie she watched. She fell in love with the song and dance sequences.

  6. Wikipedia publishes 2-millionth article in English –

    Wikipedia, the sixth most visited network of Web sites worldwide behind commercial operators Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Time Warner and eBay, is available in 250 languages. Combined, Wikipedia has published more than eight million articles.

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Did I say it was at night and close to a cemetery in Brazil?

Very funny, and the guy who fell over really needs to find some better friends.

found via BizarreBrazil.Com

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One reason why you should always use a password on you laptop

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Funny car wash prank.

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