Are Spammers Getting Nicer?

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have noticed on my sites and a number of other sites that they now seems to be a lot of comments being really nice about either the content of the site or the design. All the comments below have different email address, IP numbers and website links. I know some of these comments may be genuine, but from the ones I [...]

Shrink My Tunes or Make My iPod Larger

With Apple annoucing a new range of iPods one of the biggest, or rather smallest, problems that the new range has is the small amount of storage that you get on th iPod Touch. Images borrowed from Apple.Com/UK I really want to get the 16GB iTouch but I have why to many audio podcasts and audio books that I listen to regularly and would want to put on it, that [...]

Week 18 Apple QT+iTunes 7.1.6 update

QuickTime & iTunes Update, 05 May 2007 Apple released QuickTime 7.1.6 for Mac OS 10.3.9+ and 10.4.9+ iTunes has also been updated to version There is also a 7.1.6 with iTunes update for Windows 2000/XP Remember if you have QT Pro 6 you will lose the Pro license if you upgrade to QT 7 and will have to buy the Pro license again for $29,99. One way around this [...]

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