How Good Is Your Graphic Card? Test It Out With Miranda Lambert

How day’s we have multi-megabit, paid per month, broadband and as a result we now want our on-line video’s and TV-On-Demand at a much higher quality, and in some better than the quality we get on TV, but even though our broadband came serve us these video’s just as fast as we can watch them, can our Graphics Cards cope with the higher video quality of service’s like YouTube HD?

Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Ford Airstream Concept

A car inspired by a caravan? Designers are always telling us that their ideas for the latest vehicles have come from the unlikeliest of places, but an old caravan? Perhaps the most serious part of this car is the power source. Just like the Ford Edge we have already driven it features the firm’s electric- hydrogen fuel cell HySeries Drive. The lithium ion battery is charged up from the mains [...]

Fifth Gear - Smart Car Crash

Crashing a smart car to test occupant survivability

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