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QuickTime & iTunes Update, 05 May 2007

Apple released QuickTime 7.1.6 for Mac OS 10.3.9+ and 10.4.9+

iTunes has also been updated to version

There is also a 7.1.6 with iTunes update for Windows 2000/XP

Remember if you have QT Pro 6 you will lose the Pro license if you upgrade to QT 7 and will have to buy the Pro license again for $29,99. One way around this is to go to your application folder before you do the update and rename the QT app by adding the version number to the file name Quicktime 6.1.5, as when you upgrade this version, if not renamed, would be deleted so losing your license.

Once QT 7 has installed you can chose whether to open your file in QT 6 Pro, if you need to edit, recompress or resave the file, or open it in QT 7 if you want to just play it, Although, QT 7 will not let you play video back at full screen unless you upgrade to Pro.

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