London to Brighton in 4 minutes - BBC interlude

When TV first started it was all done live, often when one program finished, the next one was not ready, and the gaps had to be filled. So the BBC developed a number if interludes to fill these gaps, this is one of the most famous. If your in the UK and click though to it soon you can see this in high def on the BBC’s iPlayer Here’s a [...]

History of Video Games (1972-2007)

Posted by applemctom A full list of the game featured in this video are listed after the jump. How many can you name without looking at the list

Ping Pong Ball Manipulation

A stop motion animation with ping pong balls, 2000 pictures, 500 balls and a pair of hands. This video was produced by a Russian lady called Victoria, who is now studing in Germany. If you have time have a quick look at they website @ Oblako-Studio.Com

Making of the Human Flipbook

If you have time have a quick look at they website @

Erbert & Gerbert's: Human Flipbook

This is a great use for all those old T-shirts Humans have been around for a while. Flipbooks have been around for a while. Now, for the first time in human or flipbook history, they have been united. and this is the ‘Making of the Human Flipbook’ If you have time have a quick look at they website @

The Pod. part i. The Animated Adventures

The first of 3 parts Episode 1 “Techno is not a Joke”. Animated adventures of techno art collective The Pod. The Pod are a late eighties electronic dance outfit trying to cope with the mid nineties post rave come down. This was made over five years ago but not many people have seem it, This version was posted on YouTube in April but so far has been viewed less then [...]

Simpsons Star Wars Parody Cartoons

We have already had ‘The Simpsons do Abbey Road‘ now the Simpson are taking on George Lucas as they remake the opening into in the style of the Starwars movies An orignal pop culture parody by animator Rich Cando. More work can be seen at or Check out these other Star Wars videos dy Rich Cando at Star Dudes, The Bad Dudes Strike Back, Return of the [...]

Wikis & RSS in Plain English

If you ever wondered how to use a Wiki page or set up a RSS feed then these two great video’s will help you to get started. Wikis in Plain English We made this video because wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe. We hope to turn you on to a better way to plan a camping trip, or create the next Wikipedia RSS in Plain [...]

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