iPod Touch Ad - Nick Haley

Apple is preparing to air a new TV commercial on Sunday, October 28th featuring its recently introduced iPod touch. From an article on MacNN.Com “The commercial features a fast-paced overview of the portable player atop a song titled “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex,” according to the New York Times. Interestingly the spot’s creator, Nick Haley, is an 18-year-old student and Apple fan in the UK who created the content [...]


from the YouTube page – If you don’t get all the references, that’s ok, you’re just not nerdy enough. And to anyone from digg, HELLO! look me up and be my digg friend…

The Wacky World of Web 2.0

This was the competition entry from Mark McKay for the video contest at the 2007, Mesh Conference in Toronto that was held May 30 and 31, sorry found it to late to help him win. from the YouTube page: There is this great conference coming up here in Toronto all about the future of social Media. It’s called the Mesh Conference and it is happening May 30 and 31. There [...]

Gordon Lightfoot Cover - Sundown

cover by Eddie629

Gordon Lightfoot Cover - Early Morning Rain

cover by goldhat.net

Tom Waits - Soldier's Things
Cali Lewis - Geekbrief Moments - She Is

Cali Lewis Summed Up in One Video! The song is called She is by The Feeling

Gretchen Wilson - Homewrecker

Gretchen Wilson – Homewrecker (homemade version) Probably not a good watch for Leyton/Peyton fans”?

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