The Muppet Proposal

For the whole romantic story, check out Sid Ceaser’s blog post at The Proposal is a short film I created to propose to my longtime love, Sara. Filmed and edited like a movie trailer, the proposal was shown in a real movie theater at the Red River Theater in Concord New Hampshire on 12/12/10 at 4pm. Dear friends and family snuck into the theater after the lights went [...]

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer with Deborah Gibson

Yes, that is Deborah Gibson, as in Debbie Gibson, the 80′s pop singer. It’s great to see her back again, but really, she could have picked a better film to star in.
I come across this film thanks to Edith Bowman’s Radio 1 show.
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A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock in Vanity Fair, March 2008

Iconic Images from Classic Hitchcock Films by Vanity Fair Alferd Hitchcock, Vanity Fair cover, March 2008 For Vanity Fair’s 14th annual Hollywood Issue they took 21 of the finest actors working today, plus 4 of Vanity Fair’s best photographers to recreate some of the most iconic images of film. Read the rest of this article to see the Vanity Fair version side by side with the original Hitchcock image. Click [...]

Seven Days with Seven Dogs

A “dog-umentary” about the trip of a lifetime that 7 four legged dogs made as they explored Australia with their three humans in tow. The idea for the trip came about when Suki (that’s her on the far right in the photo) developed an inoperable mass on her lymph, and her owners/slaves wanted to make her last days as happy for her as they could. From the YouTube Page : [...]

The Pod. part i. The Animated Adventures

The first of 3 parts Episode 1 “Techno is not a Joke”. Animated adventures of techno art collective The Pod. The Pod are a late eighties electronic dance outfit trying to cope with the mid nineties post rave come down. This was made over five years ago but not many people have seem it, This version was posted on YouTube in April but so far has been viewed less then [...]

Global Cool: The Movie, Premiere's this weekend

The British PM Tony Blair took time to film a cameo role in the climate change baiting short film, Global Cool, which is set to be premiered as part of this weekend’s IIFA Awards. Following in the footsteps of fellow statesman Al Gore, the outgoing Labour leader has embraced the big screen to express his concerns about global warming. But our Tony has gone one further by joining forces with [...]

March of the PengBuns

The bunnies got all dressed up in penguin costumes to bring you March of the PengBuns. Click the Images to watch the movie The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library @ AngryAlien.Com

Emily Booth - Evil Aliens Showreel

A showreel of British actor Jamie Honeybourne’s recent work on the cult film Evil Aliens. Oh it also has a lot of footage of Emily Booth in it.

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