Robbie Maddison New Year' s Eve 2008 - Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas - Coming Down
Robbie Maddison New Year' s Eve 2008 - Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas - Going Up
Robbie Maddison New Year' s Eve 2007 - Record Jump of 322ft
Robbie Maddison Great London Jump - Good but not Great

So the Red Bull sponsored motorcross superstar, Robbie Maddison back flipped a gap in Tower bridge London at 2.55 am July 13th 2009, although the stunt was pretty good it was a little disappointing when compared to some of his other stunts. For New Year’ s Eve 2007 Robbie set a new world ramp to ramp motorbike jump record of just over 322ft, and then for New Year’s Eve 2008, [...]

Natalie Imbrulia promoting the Fistula Campaign on Sky News Tonight

Natalie Imbrulia promoting Ecover – Effective Cleaning – Ecologically

Global Cool: The Movie, Premiere's this weekend

The British PM Tony Blair took time to film a cameo role in the climate change baiting short film, Global Cool, which is set to be premiered as part of this weekend’s IIFA Awards. Following in the footsteps of fellow statesman Al Gore, the outgoing Labour leader has embraced the big screen to express his concerns about global warming. But our Tony has gone one further by joining forces with [...]

iPhone Ads all 3 of them (coming June 29)

So the iPhone is coming out on June 29 then, there are three ads out about how to use the iPhone but this video has all three back to back. Hope you like them, and your new iPhone, only 4 more weeks to wait, If you live in the USA

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