Bizarre Foods at the Lunch Table on Heavy.Com

For some reason I don’t seem to be hungry any more… Get more “Bizarre” at … Andrew Zimmern grosses out his coworkers with his bizarre lunch. One man’s weird is another man’s wonderful. All new episodes of Bizarre Foods air Tuesdays at 10pm beginning March 4, only on Travel Channel. NOTE:Now linking to a version on YouTube

Trapped In The Drive-Thru by Al Yankovic
Bedrock Anthem by Al Yankovic
Couch Potato by Al Yankovic
You Don't Love Me Anymore by Al Yankovic
Polka Power by Al Yankovic
The Best of Weird Al Yankovic

This is the excellent Weird Al Yankovic Ebay song synched to the videoclip 5 more Videos Polka Power You Don’t Love Me Anymore A Weird Al Yankovic Original Song The video is inspired by the video for “More Than Words” by Extreme. Couch Potato Bedrock Anthem Trapped In The Drive-Thru

The skeleton invites the passing people to a ride his bike

Did I say it was at night and close to a cemetery in Brazil? Very funny, and the guy who fell over really needs to find some better friends. found via BizarreBrazil.Com

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