I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right place to find up to date info on what resources my sites that are hosted on Dreamhost PS are using.

If there is a better best, more detailed way, to see this info please let me know, Thanks

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2 Responses to “Dreamhost PS Resources Graph”

  1. Thanks for the post of image, I was just looking for a similar screenshot. Well, might be signing up with the dreamhost PS but the reviews I got are not that good.

  2. @Yang Yang

    Dreamhost PS seems to work alright as long as you have enough ram. I only have a few basic sites running in my account, with maybe 500 unique visitors and 1,500 page views a day, but still need to have memory set to 421MB. At 10 cents per MB per month it’s not cheap, but you can increase and reduce ram on the fly which is a great help when pages get Dugg. Had a couple of days with 2GB of ram due to being Dugg but reduced back down each day, so didn’t have to pay for 2GB of ram for the whole month like I did with my last hosting company.

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