… or really long 1540mm camera lense

OK, I’m not really a great photographer, but I do love the technology involved in modem digital camera and long lenses. I just don’t love the price of some of this things. But thanks to Jarle Aasland over on NikonWeb.com I may have found a way to get a 1540mm lense for les than a 300mm lenses, that less than £600. (us$1,149)

Here’s some info from Orion’s website:

The SVP 127′s high-resolution 5″ optics and 1540mm focal length (f/12.1) excel for high-magnification study of the lunar surface and the planets. And it’s got enough aperture to display excellent images of a wide variety of deep-sky gems. The tube assembly is just 14.5″ long, making it wonderfully portable and easy to stow away when not in use.

Here’s some more images, but for more info check out Jarle Aasland post on NikonWeb.com

and one last picture on here of what this lense was meant to be used for. Taken with taken with a Coolpix 990 mounted on the SVP 127:

and in case you where wondering why I would be interested in a 1540mm lens, I take photos of wind turbines and building from angle that you can only get if you are miles away.

These first 2 sets below where taken off CAT – Centre of Alternative Technology from 0.75 miles (1.2km) away across a valley.

and these are of wind turbines around CAT taken from between 2 and 5 miles away (3.2 and 8km)

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