F1 2011 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes reveal of the MP4-26 - In the hands of fans

In a unique event attended by hundreds of fans, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes brought together members of the public to construct and reveal its new MP4-26 chassis, the team’s challenger for the 2011 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Exclusive footage from various POV including the fans that brought parts to the reveal (including the content they captured on their phones) plus shots taken from the car, both Lewis and Jenson’s lapels [...]

This video offers an in-depth explanation into folding your T-shirt In 2 Seconds! Watch the technique online, and let VideoJug break it down for you and show you how it’s done

If Magazines Could Talk

The amazing story of this century’s first decade as told through 92 iconic magazine covers. Presented by Magazine Publishers of America and the American Society of Magazine Editors. Visit www.magazine.org for more information.

Insane Water Jump - CGI Advert

An ad for the new Microsoft home CGI movie editor.

Markus STÖCKL's Downhill Mountain Bike Speed Record on Snow

MARKUS STÖCKL DID 210,4 KM/H (130,74 MILE/H) ON A STANDARD MOUNTAINBIKE. In Chile (La Parva) Markus found the perfect location to make his dream come true. On a 1,6 km long track, partly 45 degrees steep, he did the world record run. With that impressive run he could set a new benchmark (187km/h old record) and nearly touched the speedbikerecord of 222km/h (special bikes equipped with aerodynamic covers).

Eric Barone's Downhill Mountain Bike Speed Record Accident

Eric Barone’s disasterous attempt at the Mountain Bike World Speed Record.

How Good Is Your Graphic Card? Test It Out With Miranda Lambert

How day’s we have multi-megabit, paid per month, broadband and as a result we now want our on-line video’s and TV-On-Demand at a much higher quality, and in some better than the quality we get on TV, but even though our broadband came serve us these video’s just as fast as we can watch them, can our Graphics Cards cope with the higher video quality of service’s like YouTube HD?

I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love - Live by Deborah Gibson

Yes, that is Deborah Gibson, as in Debbie Gibson, the 80′s pop singer. It’s great to see her back again, but really, she could have picked a better film to star in.
I come across this film thanks to Edith Bowman’s Radio 1 show.
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