Beatbullying and Joe Calzaghe launch nationwide suicide-themed ad campaign

In only three weeks over 23,000 young people have accessed to seeking help and support from their peers. So if you still think CyberBulling is not a mojor problem in the UK, I think any one of those 23,000 will let you know otherwise.

56 per cent of young people in the UK have been cyberbullied

and just in case you thought it’s just the small and the weak that get bullied,

From Calzaghe is a Beatbullying patron and the undefeated former world super middleweight champion comments, “I know only too well from my own experiences as a victim of bullying while at school what a serious issue bullying is for thousands of youngsters. For two years I was bullied, called names and ignored by former friends which turned me from a happy, outgoing kid who enjoyed school and schoolwork, into an introverted wreck, detached from his studies and scared of his own shadow during school-hours. Unfortunately, in the age of the internet – which didn’t exist in my school days – Cyberbullying has now added to the misery bullies can inflict. I support which empowers young people to help each other stamp out bullying. If I can take my own experience and raise awareness and help because of what I’ve achieved in boxing then I will be happy.”

Beatbullying and M&C Saatchi’s hard-hitting campaign reveals the extent of young people’s bullying concerns 23 March 2009

Beatbullying, the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity, today unveils its nationwide advertising campaign to support the launch of CyberMentors (, the first nationwide part DCSF-funded, online peer-mentoring social networking site for young people.

In just under three weeks since launch, over 23,000 young people have accessed the site seeking help and support from their peers. Amongst these young people, hundreds are openly admitting to having suicidal thoughts and self harming as a result of the verbal and or physical bullying they are experiencing both offline and online.

The ads will run on more than 1,000 billboards and bus stops across the UK and will be supported by a digital ad campaign. In the coming months, ads will also appear in youth magazines.

A recent report by the NSPCC found that the number of suicidal children calling its Childline helpline has tripled in the last five years.

Here’s a list of some other great sites that you may find useful is you have ever been bullied online

Message and chat – with young people just like you!

The CyberMentors website uses social networking and allows people at different levels to mentor each other.

If you register on the CyberMentors website, you are given *registered user* status, which means you can talk to a highly-trained young CyberMentor and get help straightaway.

Are you part of it – Think you know what’s what? Lots of people become part of a cyberbullying gang without even realising it. Take our quiz to make sure you’re not one of them…

The facts – Find out about the different forms of cyberbullying, why it happens and how it can affect those on the receiving end…

Dealing with cyberbullying – It’s not just harmless fun. Get some tips on how to deal with cyberbullying and what you can do to stop it happening to you and your mates…

Bullying UK leads on cyber bullying advice – Cyber bullying is a huge problem and Bullying UK is the first anti-bullying charity to explain step-by-step how to protect yourself from it and get it removed from the internet.

We’ve just uploaded 15 new pages of practical, easy-to-understand advice covering social networking websites like Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube

Films About Cyberbulling

Let’s Fight It Together

An award winning film produced by Childnet for the Department for Children Schools and Families to help sensitise young people to the pain and hurt which can be caused by cyberbullying.

You are able to view the film online or order a copy here.

Student Drama ‘Laugh at it, you’re part of it’

Documentary in which Students record their responses to cyberbullying with extracts from their devised drama. A full practical drama lesson plan accompanies this film

Digizen interactive

The cyberbullying interactive is a resource that enables teachers to follow on from the cyberbullying DVD Lets Fight It Together, and personalize and reinforce the learning from that film.

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