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  1. Where does “Blue” end and “Red” begin? – Blog.DoloresLabs.Com

    Each is printed in its color and positioned on a color wheel. Just looking around, there sure seem to be different regions for different names. We also made a color label explorer, so you can search for different terms and see different parts of the space

  2. Facebook To Launch Preferred Application Program – TechCrunch.Com

    Clearly Facebook is a little tired of beating questionable developer tactics away with a stick. So now they will reward developers who play by the rules and build useful, popular applications, with the ‘Preferred Application Program’

  3. Google To Spend $10 Million on Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project –

    As usual, Google is at the forefront of, well, everything. But this one is a little surprising: their philanthropic branch,, is putting $10 million into plug-in electric hybrid research and real-world testing.

  4. Facebook Security Lapse Leaves Private Photos Exposed, Even Paris and Zuck’s – ReadWriteWeb.Com

    The Associated Press reported that its reporters were able to use an undisclosed method to access private photos on Facebook, Update: Some readers here and on Twitter are telling us that it was a simple URL edit, which no longer works.

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the photography of QT Luong

more images of Olympic
more images of Redwood
Channel Islands
more images of Channel Islands
North Cascades
more images of North Cascades
Mount Rainier
more images of Mount Rainier
Crater Lake National Park
more images of Crater Lake
Lassen Volcanic
more images of Lassen Volcanic
more images of Yosemite
Kings Canyon
more images of Kings Canyon
more images of Sequoia

Some amazing images taken of all of the 58 National Parks in America, with an old style Large Format Camera.

from Terra Galleria.ComI explored each of the Parks in depth, making several visits. My years of experience of outdoor adventuring proved useful when exploring the backcountry of many Parks in a variety of ways ranging from hiking in trail-less terrain with a 70-lbs backpack – needed to survive in the wilderness while operating a 5×7 camera -, to paddling kayaks, canoes, and scuba diving. Although I am still creating new images for what will most likely be a lifetime pursuit, by the summer of 2002, I reached the goal of visiting each of the 58 National Parks at least once when I set up my camera on the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes in Arctic Alaska

All images copyright Q.-T. Luong at Terra Galleria.Com

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