Emily Booth - Evil Aliens Showreel

A showreel of British actor Jamie Honeybourne’s recent work on the cult film Evil Aliens. Oh it also has a lot of footage of Emily Booth in it.

Emily Booth - Savage Game Advert

A rather scantily clad Emily Booth appears in this amusing spoof advert for the game Savage – The Battle for Newerth. The advert shows Emily in a bar examining a cigarette. A bloke goes up to her to ask for a light and … well, you’ll have to download it to see what happens next! For more Emily pics and videos visit her official site http://www.bouff.tv

Emily Booth - Harp Irish Lager Advert

Harp Irish Lager Advert (Emily Booth Cameo) This advert was originally only meant to be shown in Irish cinemas but then it got snuck out onto terrestrial TV – which is kind of lucky for us as we’d never have been able to get hold of it if it had been confined to the cinema! The advert features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance from Barmaid Bouff! For more clips and pics of [...]

Emily Booth - Evil Aliens - UK Trailer

Here is the superb UK trailer for the Jake West splatteriffic sci-fi spectacular ‘Evil Aliens’ – Emily Booth is on top form playing one of the lead roles in this gory romp! For more details about other films featuring Emily Booth visit www.bouff.tv

Emily Booth - Sonic Penalty Shootout (Swivel On The Tip)

Emily played a character called Pussycat Gethsemane in this ‘Yoof TV’ spoof series that was shown on the now defunct PlayUK channel. The fetishy outfits that Pussycat wore for her appearances on this show certainly made it worth watching!

Emily Booth - The Soluble Song

Here we have another spoof clip from Swivel on the Tip. This time Pussycat Gethsemane (Emily Booth) is testing the future of portable music which comes in pill form thanks to the ‘Soluble Song’. Once again she’s sporting a rather eye-catching outfit too!

Emily Booth music video

Emily Booth music video, promo reel A video of British cult TV host Emily Booth I cut together with clips from her old (now sadly defunct) members’ website, bouffante.tv

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