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  1. Ontario to add more nuclear muscle to energy mix –

    Construction would begin within the next decade. “Building replacement nuclear facilities … will help Ontario meet its future energy needs, keep prices stable, cut our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,”

  2. Faster Wi-Fi deployed at U of Minnesota – ComputerWorld.Com

    The University of Minnesota is embarking on a five-year project to upgrade its Wi-Fi network to the much faster 802.11n standard. The $15 million upgrade would provide about 9,500 access points, one of the largest deployments to date.

  3. Sun to build virtual machine for iPhone – ComputerWorld.Com

    Sun Microsystems Inc. said Friday it will build a JVM for the Apple Inc. iPhone and the iTouch, now that the iPhone’s SDK beta version has been released. A JVM is basically a set of programs that can be used to execute other programs and scripts.

  4. MobiTV Seeks to Shut Down Web Forum – Physorg.Com

    MobiTV sent a letter to, asking the site to take down links that provide MobiTV streams. The letters were provided to The Associated Press by Howard Chui, owner of Toronto-based Howardforums.

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  1. Top four reasons Blu-ray Disc will tank – ComputerWorld.Com

    four reasons why most of America probably won’t be heading down to Wal-Mart to buy a Blu-ray player anytime soon:

  2. Fix dead pixel –

    Simply drag the above graphic to your dead pixel and let it stay there for about 1 hour. The graphic will try to massage the dead pixel back alive again by getting it to change rapidly. But it doesn’t work for all dead pixels.. still its a good try.

  3. IR LEDs used to defeat Security Cameras – HackedGadgets.Com

    lasers used to “dazzle” security cameras before but they normally use visible light. I had never thought about using an array of IR LEDs (infrared light emitting diodes) to create a permanent result that would not be noticeable to anyone else around.

  4. Comcast pays Americans to oppose net neutrality – TheRegister.Co.UK

    These yellow taggers prevented many un-paid Americans from attending the hearings. Even before the meeting began, the room was full. People from the community who may have legitimate concerns about net neutrality could not find seats.

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  1. 25 Mind-Blowing Gadgets – Monday Inspiration – SmashingMagazine.Com

    25 mind-blowing gadgets and devices which are already available today. Among them you’ll find loudspeakers, turntables, TV sets, furniture, laptop sleeves and more. Most of them aren’t cheap at all, and many of them cost over $10,000.

  2. BBC to put shows on iTunes ‘next week’ – TheRegister.Co.UK

    A TV industry source claims BBC Worldwide will on Tuesday detail plans to set up shop at Apple’s online media mall. Simon Danker has contacted the BBC’s third party production partners to inform them of the new distribution channel.

  3. Already 400,000 iPhone Users in China? – I4U.Com

    The Apple iPhone is not officially available in China, but China Mobile has apparently 400,000 iPhone users on their cell network. Back in January the talks between Apple and China Mobile failed.

  4. A Quick Psych Test – Joe-KS.Com

    Short Psych Test This is a short Psychoanalysis Test which is a real test given by Human Relations Departments at many of the major corporations today. This helps them to get a better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees.

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YouTube Preview Image

So the iPhone is coming out on June 29 then, there are three ads out about how to use the iPhone but this video has all three back to back.

Hope you like them, and your new iPhone, only 4 more weeks to wait, If you live in the USA

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