Orion SkyView Pro 127, 5 inch astronomical telescope

… or really long 1540mm camera lense OK, I’m not really a great photographer, but I do love the technology involved in modem digital camera and long lenses. I just don’t love the price of some of this things. But thanks to Jarle Aasland over on NikonWeb.com I may have found a way to get a 1540mm lense for les than a 300mm lenses, that less than £600. (us$1,149) Here’s [...]

Archive of del.icio.us links Debunking Travel Myths – Business Travel Column – Joe Brancatelli – Seat 2B – Portfolio.com Business travelers are a secretive, clannish lot, and we take perverse pride in knowing the picayune details of how life works on the road. If there’s an airline rule, we claim to know and maybe even understand it. A strange hotel policy? Why not fill each minute with joy? – Vaux.net [...]

Week 19 Pro Wind Turbines

A great spoof documentary about Wind turbines and why they are bad. Personally I like them, but this is a funny video, ‘I found it via Hugg‘


WIND ENERGY NSM 21 – PROTO 2 This project is based on regular wind energy turbines in combination with the magnus effect. The real trial prototypes are still in construction. No external energy is given to this turbine. A worldwide patent application is now in progress. Everyone who is related in this field is invited to share your thoughts and ideas with us. WIND ENERGY NSM 21 – PROTO 3 [...]

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