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  1. Select a host for your e-commerce site – ComputerWorld.Com

    If you use DreamHost then you may want to read this article – “If you plan to set up an e-commerce site to sell products and services, choosing a service to host your site is one of your most important decisions.”

  2. Panasonic Shows Long-Lived AA Battery – PhysOrg.Com

    Japan’s Panasonic is introducing a double-A household battery that will keep gadgets running 20 percent longer than rivals do, so long that Guinness World Records has dubbed it the world’s longest-lasting alkaline battery.

  3. Web hosting provider uses Homer Simpson to notify livid customers of $7.6M overcharge – ComputerWorld.Com

    If it weren’t bad enough that Web hosting company DreamHost overcharged its customers by $7.6 million, the company seemed to have compounded that error by joking about it with an apology delivered by cartoon character Homer Simpson.

  4. Facebook urged to scrap Scrabulous – Telegraph.Co.UK

    A statement released by Mattel UK tonight said: “Letters have been sent to Facebook in the US regarding the Scrabulous application. Mattel values its intellectual property and actively protects its brands and trademarks.

  5. Dual-Link DVI KVMP & multimedia switch debuts – Macworld.Com

    Iogear new 2-port Dual-Link DVI KVMP & MultiMedia Switch. The device is intended to allow gamers and audio/video mavens to share a dual-link DVI display, USB keyboard, mouse and surround-sound system between two computers.

  6. Sonnet debuts 640GB portable RAID storage – MacNN.Com

    Using FireWire for power only, the Fusion F2 features two eSATA data connections and is designed for use with the Sonnet Tempo SATA ExpressCard/34 adapter (MacBook Pro). By connecting via SATA interface.

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