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  1. Chocolate bugs a fright and delight – JapanTimes.Co.JP

    Komatsuya Honten, the Akita-based confectioner that makes them, can’t keep up with demand since a news report about the tasty bugs — made of dark and white chocolate and orange peel

  2. Plane crash after safety conference kills 20 in Poland – TaipeiTimes.Com

    A military plane carrying officers home from a flight-safety conference crashed in a forested area in northwestern Poland, killing all 20 people on board, the prime minister said early yesterday.

  3. YouTube library open to mobiles – TaipeiTimes.Com

    The mobile site now allows owners of any wireless device that can handle video to view or post clips, just as they would from personal computers, YouTube product manager Hunter Walk said.

  4. Starbucks hopes to reel in costumers with cheaper brew – TaipeiTimes.Com

    Faced with growing competition from cheaper rivals, Starbucks Corp is selling small cups of drip coffee for US$1 with free refills as part of a test in its hometown. That’s about US$0.50 less than the normal charges for a 2 deciliter cup of joe.

  5. MySpace, BBC pair up to offer clips of selected programs – TaipeiTimes.Com

    The online community MySpace is partnering with the BBC to bring some of the British broadcaster’s programs to a worldwide audience in the site’s first global content deal involving a major network.

  6. Heath Ledger’s death triggers net meltdown – AsiaMedia.UCLA.Edu

    Heath Ledger’s shock death caused one of the biggest internet meltdowns since the death of Steve Irwin in 2006. Unique browsers on rose almost 250%, total page impressions jumped 60%, according to Nielsen NetRatings.

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  1. EBay chief executive to step down in March –

    Confirmation of Whitman’s departure came as eBay announced its profit in the last three months of 2007 soared 53 percent to 530.9 million dollars, or 39 cents per share, from the same quarter the previous year.

  2. Harry Potter author snubs Finnish printing paper –

    The author of the best-selling Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has blocked the Finnish version of her latest book from being printed on local paper because it lacks the ecological FSC certification, her Finnish publisher said Wednesday.

  3. Nintendo says profit nearly doubles in first three quarters –

    Nintendo Co. said Thursday its net profit nearly doubled in the nine months to December and it lifted its full-year revenue forecast on strong global sales of its game consoles including the Wii.

  4. Half of Asian firms polled see Web 2.0 as vital opportunity – Taipei Times – archives

    The survey last month polled 220 enterprises in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Singapore. Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of Internet applications that involve a user community sharing and contributing resources online. Exampl

  5. Breastfeeding Reduces Anxiety in Children – EcoChildsPlay.Com

    Breastfeeding is also better for the environment. A new study from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm also claims that children who were breastfed as infants are better able to cope with stress and have less anxiety. Breastfeeding is good for children

  6. Office Building of the Future, Just Like a Tree! – JetsonGreen.Com

    This is a preview of what William McDonough (you know, Cradle to Cradle and Time’s Hero for the Planet) will be talking about this week in Abu Dhabi at the World Future Energy Summit. Dubbed the “Tree Tower” by Building Magazine

  7. PR Tips For Green Entrepreneurs – Ecopreneurist.Com

    The point is actually how difficult it has been doing PR, specifically media relations, within the green space. As I told PR Week I’ve never dealt with an industry this tough and this cut throat. Everyone is trying to talk green and it makes it very cha

  8. Samsung Shirks Responsibility for Oil Spill – EcoWorldly.Com

    The oil caused widespread economic devastation up and down the coast and affected some of the most delicate marine ecosystems in the Yellow Sea. Still, nearly two months later, the electronics giant remains silent on its role in the spill, hoping, maybe,

  9. Solar News Archive: PV, photovoltaics, solar thermal, solar buildings, renewables, renewable energy, solar power – SolarServer.De

    A maximum efficiency rating of 98.5 percent for photovoltaic inverters has been achieved by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in a test using prototype silicon carbide-based MOSFETs manufactured by CREE, Inc., USA.

  10. Small wind: Marquiss Wind Power gets funding for ‘Ducted Wind Turbine’ – CNET

    The company’s Aeropoint wind turbines don’t look like traditional wind turbines. They are 19 feet tall and have a square frame that holds a star-shaped fan inside. A Ducted Wind Turbine meant for commercial rooftops.

  11. Sundance “Green Channel” – DailyGalaxy.Com

    Green living champions should checkout the Sundance Green Channel podcasts with Simran Sethi and Majora Carter on fuel oil alternative energy consumption, greening the ghetto, how to take a fresh look at your waste and how we can make better use of it, an

  12. Twitter, Google, Facebook -Social Networks Join Hands to Help Make the World a Better Place – DailyGalaxy.Com

    Twitter – along with other social networks – are very much about the ego-blogging, but in the past 6 months we’ve already seen Twitter used to a much greater purpose.

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