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  1. Happy 50th, LEGO Brick! – Gearlog.Com

    Born in Denmark on January 28, 1958, you’ve led a full life. You discovered electricity in the mid-60s, had a kids a year later, and moved to the States in 1973. “There are about 62 LEGO bricks for every one of the world’s 6 billion inhabitants”

  2. Mole: 80GB PS3 dead, 120-160GB with Dual Shock 3 incoming – ArsTechnica.Com

    “The Spiderman 3 pack-in will disappear as well once the 80GB unit is gone. To maintain a similar value the 80GB/Spiderman 3 bundle, Poss. storage increase to 120 or 160GB at the same price point, plus the new Dual-Shock 3 controller.

  3. Scientology website shielded against DDoS attack – TheRegister.Co.Uk

    The Church of Scientology has restored it website after a campaign of denial of service attacks prompted it to use DDoS mitigation service Prolexic. Web sites associated with the Church of Scientology were intermittently unavailable last week.

  4. Technorati Founder Launches Web Hot or Not. It’s Geek Love. – Mashable.Com

    Technorati founder David Sifry has just launched a website with investor friend Martin Varsavsky that is, in so many words, a Hot or Not for websites. Actually, it’s called ‘Web Hot or Not’, so you get the point right away here.

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  1. SmugMug’s Private Photos Aren’t Really Private – Mashable.Com

    In a nutshell, the problem is this: if you set your photos as “private”, they can still be accessed simply by URL manipulation. SmugMug are aware of the issue, but claim this is intended behavior, separating the notions of “privacy” and “securit

  2. Bookmark and Share Potential Employees with StandOutJobs – Mashable.Com

    StandOutJobs, launching this week at DEMO, is the latest to incorporate web 2.0 features into a company’s hiring process. This works from a backend perspective for all members in the company that may be involved in the hiring process.

  3. Queen Elizabeth must die or abdicate for Australian republic – Reuters.Com

    Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, Australia’s head-of-state, must die or abdicate before Australia can become a republic, said one of the country’s leading politicians and former head of the republican movement. Malcolm Turnbull,.

  4. PayPal to buy Fraud Sciences – Reuters.Com

    PayPal, a unit of online auctioneer eBay, said on Monday that it would acquire Israel’s Fraud Sciences Ltd in an all-cash deal worth about $169 million.

  5. Consumers Save Billions on eBay – WebsiteMagazine.Com

    Two statisticians from the University of Maryland have calculated that eBay buyers saved $7 billion than what they might have been willing to pay in 2003, $8.4 billion in 2004 and a projected $19 billlion during 2007.

  6. Have Some Fun and Sip Some Interactive PhotoSoup with Yahoo and Flickr – ResourceShelf.Com

    Another beta from Yahoo Europe (Spain) named PhotoSoup. PhotoSoup, a visual word puzzle generator that allows players to create word search puzzles with tag-photo pairs taken from Flickr. Access to PhotoSoup is free.

  7. Build Site Traffic with Error Marketing [Other Promotions] – SitePoint.Com

    In this context, new advertising and marketing techniques are required. In order to provide a positive experience for your site’s visitors, while getting them to do what you want them to do, you need to be innovative in your approach.

  8. YouTube Takes Entire Site Mobile – ReadWriteWeb.Com

    After several years of talking about it, YouTube made a surprise move today and launched – a site with nearly all content and functionality available on the website proper now available on mobile.

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