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  1. Did You Know How These Names Came About! – Jaxey.Com

    Java – Originally called Oak by creator James Gosling, from the tree that stood outside his window, when programming team had to look for a substitute, Java was selected. It came from the name of the coffee that the programmers drank.

  2. Cult of the Dead Cow turns Google into a vulnerability scanner – Heise-Online.Co.UK

    This kind of “Google hacking” is already well known: a hacker called Johnny has already published quite a collection of these. What cDc has done is create an automated tool that allows an unskilled hacker to use these same techniques.

  3. Our Top 40 Photoshopped Images – VertusTech.Com

    Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes thought provoking, other times they just mess with your mind. They’ll always take your breath away though and make you wonder at the skills of the people that created them.

  4. Get a pilot license in 20 hours and for $340 bucks – Gadling.Com

    At some point in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve come across the term “very light jets” or the catchy acronym VLJ. These are small propeller planes that fit only two passengers and weigh less than 1,300 pounds.

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  1. Crazy Staircases – Piclicious.TV

    Crazy Staircases from around the world.

  2. Improve Your Writing, Separating Clauses – Bristol.AC.UK

    Grammar checkers on computers are by no means foolproof. They sometimes attempt to correct things that are perfectly correct, and often miss glaring errors, they are totally unconcerned with the meaning of your sentence.

  3. Dubai – What the hell is going on over there ? –

    From the 1,200 tall building, to the worlds tallest hotel, largest ski dome, largest shopping mall, basically the biggest,tallest, largest of everything and all built since 1990. I just hope the oil doesn’t run out before its finished.

  4. Ronel Jordaan’s Rock Cushions –

    Ronel Jordaan’s cushions is completely hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-carded, made out of felt, and have no stitches. What you end up with is a much better result. It is not several pieces of textile put together and made to look like a rock.

  5. Next-gen Intel notebook chips to exceed 3.0GHz – AppleInsider.Com

    Intel this spring will launch its next-generation Centrino notebook platform alongside a half dozen new 45 nanometer mobile chips that will eventually make their way into Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro offerings.

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