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  1. Pioneer to stop making 42-inch plasma panels – TheGlobeAndMail.Com

    Pioneer Corp. will stop making 42-inch plasma panels and instead buy panels in that size and smaller from Panasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial or Hitachi Ltd. to turn around its loss-making flat TV business, the Asahi newspaper said.

  2. No One Bids for $4.5 Million Ferry on eBay – SeattleTimes.NWSource.Com

    “The Washington state Transportation Department was asking at least $4.5 million for the vessel, but the auction ended Sunday night on eBay without any interest.” – You really can buy anything on eBay now days.

  3. Treehouse Subdivision — ‘Honey, I’m home’ – BookOfJoe.Com

    Living in the trees is a universal theme that many dream, but only few experience….

  4. MetaRAM Quadruples DIMM Capacity – News.DigitalTrends.Com

    Since large servers can require massive banks of RAM to function, MetaRAM hopes its technology will drastically cut the cost of providing that much RAM by allowing less-specialized hardware to handle it.

  5. Getty Images Agrees to $2.1B Buyout – SeattleTimes.NWSource.Com

    Getty, founded more than a decade ago, put itself up for sale in January. It is a major creator and distributor of photos and other digital media. Hellman & Friedman has offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

  6. Japan Launches Internet Satellite – PC World.Com

    It will be able to provide broadband Internet connections to homes with download speeds of up to 155M bps and upload speeds of 6M bps via 45-centimeter dish antennas. 1.2G bps will be offered to commercial users via 5 meter antennas.

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  1. SingTel SMS Shootout hits a new record of 41.40 seconds –

    18-year-old Sng Gim Jeramy, a Republic Polytechnic student, set that record in the fourth SingTel SMS Shootout on Sunday. 200 participants had to type the SMS text provided by Guinness without the use of predictive text mode or spelling aids.

  2. No “Maverick”: Airline Pilot Fired for Low Fly-by in Boeing 777-300ER – DailyTech.Com

    That might have been the end of the event if it weren’t for the Internet — a video of the low fly-by found its way to YouTube and Wilkinson was suspended, and then later fired. Wilkinson was pulling down nearly $500,000 USD a year as a pilot

  3. Microsoft Confirms HD DVD Price Cut To $49.99 – dBTechno.Com

    Microsoft has confirmed that they are dropping the price of the external HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 from $129.99 to $49.99. This comes just two days after Microsoft confirmed that they would no longer produce the HD DVD player.

  4. Man Gets 3 Years In Jail For Fake Facebook Profile – Techdirt.Com

    The guy had merely set up a fake profile of the Moroccan prince for fun. It seems ridiculous to consider that being akin to identity fraud. Apparently the judicial system in Morocco feels differently. The guy claims to be a fan of the prince.

  5. Verifying authenticity of child porn photos a major effort – TheGlobeAndMail.Com

    Due to a 2002 U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a ban on computer-generated child pornography, defence attorneys are now trying to use the ruling to introduce reasonable doubt in jurors’ minds about the images’ authenticity.

  6. Gmail Chat Adds Invisible Mode – Mashable.Com

    Gmail Chat has had a tiny upgrade over the weekend: you can now set your status to invisible, which is useful when that dude you used to work with keeps on sending you photos of his new car. It only in the latest version of Gmail.

  7. Fujitsu 500GB notebook HDD released – SlashGear.Com

    Fujitsu has finally done it, they’ve caught up with Hitachi in releasing a 500GB notebook HDD. It has the 2.5” form factor and uses a mere 1.8 watts of power.

  8. Adobe ships AIR, Flex 3 open-source development tools – Macworld.Com

    Adobe Monday announced the availability of its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) cross-operating system for taking rich Internet applications (RIA) to the desktop. Adobe also released Flex 3, an open-source development tool set

  9. Diamond-covered toy car unveiled – Telegraph.Co.UK

    Hot Wheels unveiled its four-billionth “vehicle”, at the 105th American International Toy Fair in NewYork. Valued at US$140,000 (£71,187) – The car will be auctioned later this year, with proceeds going to the charity Big Brothers Big Sisters.

  10. Blu-ray Disc faces fight against downloads – InfoWorld.Com

    Blu-ray Disc may have beaten out HD DVD as the high-definition optical disc format to replace DVDs, but it now faces a new test against Internet downloads, market researchers Gartner and iSuppli said.

  11. Geneva 2008: Volkswagen Golf Hybrid comes with 83.1 MPG – AutoSpies.Com

    VW will show a near-production Volkswagen Golf Hybrid that will get 83.1 MPG and emit only 89 grams of C02 per km. Before you get carried away, those are likely to be the bigger Imperial gallons.

  12. Buy it Now on eBay: $1.85 million Stealth looking 2008 Bugatti Veyron – EgmCarTech.Com

    A 2008 Bugatti Veyron is on sale on eBay Motors for $1.85 million. Symbolic Motor Car Company of La Jolla, California is running a two day ‘Buy it Now’ or ‘Best Offer’ auction for the car which has 40 miles on it.

  13. 15 million Volvo cars – history will be written tomorrow – AutoSpies.Com

    On February 20, 2008, it is once again an open car that is under the spotlights. That’s when car number 15,000,000, an attractive convertible Volvo C70, will leave the factory in Uddevalla.

  14. BMW to allow unrestricted use of internet in your car – AutoSpies.Com

    After bringing its drivers Google Maps and other Google Apps, BMW will be the first auto maker to officially allow full unrestricted access to the Word Wide Web in cars with their new features called the BMW ConnectedDrive.

  15. CBS, MTV and MySpace Get Chummy With Chumby Network – Gizmodo.Com

    While chumby has been available in beta for a while, today is the official public launch of the little Wi-Fi beanbag, as well as the Chumby Network, with big media content partners CBS, MTV, The Weather Channel, AOL Shoutcast, Scripps and more.

  16. Water is Child’s Play, But You Gotta Spin! – EcoWorldly.Com

    The PlayPump system is a merry go round that pumps water from a ground source as children spin, and they like working hard at it. What’s more, it is a wonderful social media project:

  17. How to Make Beautiful Beads From Recycled Newspaper – AStorybookLife.Com

  18. Are You Tech Addicted? – Lifestyle News – DigitalTrends.Com

    ‘Do you check your phone regularly, or keep your PDA or BlackBerry close to you at all times? If the answer is yes, have you ever wondered if you’re a tech addict?’ – WOW, my hometown University has actually had something reported.

  19. Next Generation Affiliate Marketing – pepperjamNETWORK.Com

    PepperjamSEARCH is recognized by Google™ as one of the only Google™ Adwords Qualified Companies in the United States and includes an experienced team of certified Yahoo!® Search Marketing Ambassadors.

  20. Great Advertising, Clever Ads: Absolut New 2008 Streams Vodka Campaign

    ‘Absolut New 2008 Streams Vodka Campaign’ – Does the background image in this advert remind anybody of anythink? If not, ead my comment on the page for a hint.

  21. Welch’s New Print Campaign – For A Tasty Fact, Remove & Lick – Great -Ads.Blogspot.Com

    ‘Welch’s grape juice is taking out full-page print ads in People magazine this month that give readers a chance to sample its grape juice by licking the ad.’ – Is this a case of Technology gone to far? Would you lick it?

  22. Black Eye Ads – AdSneeze.Com

    “Support bras, now available.”- No bras where shown during the making of this advert. Who said you had to show the product to advertise it?

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