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  1. ‘Forbes’: Facebook CEO is youngest self-made billionaire –

    Forbes magazine released its list of the world’s mega-rich Wednesday and said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 23, became the youngest ever self-made billionaire. Zuckerberg, who turns 24 in May, is worth $1.5 billion.

  2. Holiday draught? Guinness tries to make St Patrick’s Day a US national holiday – TaipeiTimes.Com

    “If we have a million signatures by midnight March 16, we’re going to get it into the hands of someone in Congress and try to get the ball rolling,” said Shawn Clair of the public relations firm which handles the US account of Guinness, an Irish stout bee

  3. GM, Daimler look to lithium ion for hybrids – TaipeiTimes.Com

    General Motors Corp (GM) and Daimler AG unveiled plans on Tuesday for lithium-ion hybrids as automakers push to overcome difficulties with a technology that promises to push hybrid autos to the next level of performance.

  4. Fuel cells providing homes with ‘clean’ electricity – Search.JapanTimes.Co.JP

    Masanori Naruse jogs every day, collects miniature cars and feeds birds in his backyard, but what he’s most proud of is the way his home and 2,200 like it in Japan get electricity and heat water — with power generated by a hydrogen fuel cell.

  5. Red Cross yet to spend $200M of tsunami cash –

    More than three years after the Asian tsunami devastated several countries, $200 million of the $360 million donated to the Canadian Red Cross has still not been spent. After the tsunami killed more than 225,000.

  6. Canada stuck in slow lane on ‘traffic shaping’ –

    Last fall, the Associated Press and the Electronic Frontier Foundation reported that Comcast, the largest cable provider in the United States, was actively interfering with network traffic by engaging in traffic shaping.

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  1. Facebook hires top Google exec as COO – GlobeAndMail.Com

    Facebook Inc. has raided Google Inc. to hire a new chief operating officer, providing the popular online social network with more seasoned management and advertising savvy as it strives to make more money without alienating its audience.

  2. Facebook in talks with music labels – GlobeAndMail.Com

    Social networking site Facebook has approached major music labels about launching a music service, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

  3. FCC looks into 60 Minutes blackout – Reuters.Com

    FCC chairman Kevin Martin told reporters Tuesday that the agency received “20-odd” complaints about the 12-minute blackout of Huntsville station WHNT-TV’s broadcast on February 24. The blackout occurred at the beginning of the 13-minute segment.

  4. Car Crashes Cost $160 Billion per Year – ABC News.Go.Com

    Maryland-based Cambridge Systematics Inc., found that crashes cost U.S. motorists $164.2 billion a year, or about $1,051 per person. Double the $67.6 billion in annual costs from congestion, or about $430 per person.

  5. Megan Meier Case Prompts Cyberbullying Ordinance in Small Missouri Town – KSDK NewsChannel 5 – KSDK.Com

    The Missouri town of La Grange has passed an ordinance making it a crime to harass someone through the use of verbal, pictorial or written threats using a telephone, computer, mobile or other telecommunications device, fine’s up to $1,000.

  6. Appeals Court Weighs Teen’s Web Speech – SeattleTimes.NWSource.Com

    A teen who used vulgar slang in an Internet blog to complain about school administrators shouldn’t have been punished by the school, her lawyer told a federal appeals court. Avery Doninger, 17, claims the School violated her free speech rights

  7. Dungeons and Dragons creator dies – News.BBC.Co.Uk

    Gary Gygax, co-creator of the first role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, has died at the age of 69. Gygax, who developed the game in 1974 with Dave Arneson, had been suffering from health problems for several years.

  8. Katarina Witt ends her ice-show career – CBC.Ca

    2-time Olympic figure-skating champion Katarina Witt concluded her ice-show career in Hanover, Germany, Witt, 42, who was called “the most beautiful face of socialism” by Time magazine, grabbed a gold medal at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

  9. Patrick Swayze Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer, Has Five Weeks to Live –

    ‘Patrick has been at rehearsals for a new cheerleading movie at Century City studio frequently lately, and he definitely does not look like he has 5 more weeks of life left. if he is gravely ill, he is hiding it very well.’ I hope this isn’t true.

  10. Trans-Atlantic flight arrives in London with just FIVE passengers on board – DailyMail.Co.Uk

    Each passenger on the plane had a massive carbon footprint of 43.2 tonnes of CO2 and it has been branded one of the worst “environmental crimes”. The flight had been fully-booked, but an 11-hour delay due to a mechanical failure.

  11. CCTV plan to boost 2012 security – News.BBC.Co.Uk

    Up to 500,000 CCTV cameras could be used as part of a highly sophisticated plan to police the 2012 Olympics. The Metropolitan Police (Met) force wants to pool its 10,000 cameras with traffic and congestion cameras across the city.

  12. Livingstone’s £120,000 race adviser blames ‘racists’ as he resigns over saucy emails – UK Politics, UK –

    The newspaper alleged that 49-year-old Lee Jasper had sent a series of explicit emails to a woman linked to two organisations that benefited from hundreds of thousands of pounds in grants from City Hall.

  13. Young mother’s fury as video of her gang-rape ordeal is posted on YouTube – DailyMail.Co.Uk

    The 25-year-old woman, claims it shows her being raped by three boys in front of her screaming children, aged 2 and 4, as she lies unconscious after being drugged. YouTube removed it in mid-February following complaints from a visitor to the website.

  14. Banish the Bags: Shaming pictures taken near Tesco stores which show how the giant is blighting Britain – DailyMail.Co.Uk

    Tesco saw a 93 per cent fall in the number of bags it handed out after a plastic bag tax was introduced by the Dublin government in 2002. In China, they will be forced to stop offering free bags completely when a ban comes into effect in June.

  15. Warner Music download deal rivals iTunes – Telegraph.Co.Uk

    7digital, one of the biggest online music retailers, started selling more than 150 of the most popular albums from Warner’s catalogue at the reduced price, which is £3 cheaper than iTunes.

  16. Jilted lover faces prosecution for allegedly harassing ex on Facebook –

    A jilted lover is to become the first person in Britain to face prosecution for allegedly harassing his ex on Facebook.

  17. Civil servants lose 1,084 laptops –

    526 of them were pinched or misplaced at the Ministry of Defence. The next worst department was Justice where 170 have vanished in the past six years.

  18. Marine in YouTube puppy killing –

    Army bosses launched an inquiry yesterday after YouTube showed a US Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff to its death. The soldier, believed to be a lance corporal based in Hawaii, then tosses the puppy into a ravine in Iraq.

  19. Mums make better football coaches than dads, says study –

    Mums can get the best out of young footballers through years of being unpaid teachers, nurses, counsellors and disciplinarians. McDonald’s launched ‘Mums on the Ball’ campaign to enrol mothers as coaches for kids’ Sunday leagues.

  20. Six million hurt while making calls on mobile phones –

    Six million people were hurt crashing into lampposts, bollards and bins last year while texting and talking on their mobiles, a study found. 63 per cent of people concentrate so hard while texting they are unaware of their surroundings.

  21. Party is a riot after internet invite –

    A student party turned into a drunken riot when 300 revellers gatecrashed after seeing it posted on networking site Bebo. Insp Neil Munro said: “We’ve seen time and again the effects of advertising events on social websites.”

  22. US air crew ‘in web drug video’ – News.BBC.Co.Uk

    The footage was put on YouTube by a local man who said it was given to him by an airman leaving the US airbase at RAF Mildenhall. The US Air Force confirmed one airman featured is based at RAF Mildenhall.

  23. Dung catapult to target vandals – News.BBC.Co.Uk

    Joe Weston-Webb said the 30ft (9m) catapult would be loaded with chicken manure. He’s installing 32 CCTV cameras “It will fire and cover the person with the stuff – and we will be able to smell who it is,” he explained.

  24. Fitness instructor Karl Taylor found guilty of Kate Beagley murder – TimesOnline.Co.Uk

    A fitness trainer was jailed for at least 30 years today for murdering a businesswoman on their first date. Karl Taylor stabbed Kate Beagley, a sales manager for Centrica, 31 times after the pair met for a drink.

  25. Home Power Magazine: Solar | Wind | Water | Design | Build

    The most comprehensive coverage of solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, energy-efficient building materials and home design, and clean transportation options.

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    Ever wondered? What is this? What is that?, Snap a picture & upload it to find out!

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