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  1. Ontario to add more nuclear muscle to energy mix –

    Construction would begin within the next decade. “Building replacement nuclear facilities … will help Ontario meet its future energy needs, keep prices stable, cut our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,”

  2. Faster Wi-Fi deployed at U of Minnesota – ComputerWorld.Com

    The University of Minnesota is embarking on a five-year project to upgrade its Wi-Fi network to the much faster 802.11n standard. The $15 million upgrade would provide about 9,500 access points, one of the largest deployments to date.

  3. Sun to build virtual machine for iPhone – ComputerWorld.Com

    Sun Microsystems Inc. said Friday it will build a JVM for the Apple Inc. iPhone and the iTouch, now that the iPhone’s SDK beta version has been released. A JVM is basically a set of programs that can be used to execute other programs and scripts.

  4. MobiTV Seeks to Shut Down Web Forum – Physorg.Com

    MobiTV sent a letter to, asking the site to take down links that provide MobiTV streams. The letters were provided to The Associated Press by Howard Chui, owner of Toronto-based Howardforums.

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  1. 100% Recylable Plastic “Ice” Used for Rinks in Scandinavia – Ecoscraps.Com

    Instead, plastic rinks made of a thin layer of polyethylene coated with propylene glycol are being used to reduce carbon emissions and lessen upkeep costs. The rinks are 100% recyclable.

  2. This just in: Hydrogen fuel cell cars are still dead – Gristmill.Grist.Org

    GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told reporters that recent advances in lithium-ion batteries indicate that future electric cars might be able to travel 300 miles, before they need to recharge, making them much more practical as a mass-market product.

  3. Montana’s Wind Farms – TreeHugger.Com

    New transmission lines are currently in the planning phase that would greatly increase the capacity of utility scale wind power. Yet this centralized, transmission dependent energy grid is likely not a good model for sustainable development.

  4. 6-Volts to 42-Volts: Progress in an Electric World – Gas 2.0.Org

    Today’s vehicles have pushed electrical systems to the max, and it’s time for a change. There are on-board computers to run, ear-splitting sound systems, seat warmers, heated steering wheels, power windows, seats, rear-view mirrors, etc

  5. Win $100,000 Dollars And A Date With Minnie Driver on eBay! –

    The strange thing about the contest is that you’re bidding money to win money. I’ll say it again: you’re bidding money to win money. In fact, this is the first time in eBay’s history that visitors are able to do this.

  6. Greener cars in spotlight as carmakers change gear – Reuters.Com

    When Lamborghini and Hummer try getting in on the action, you know greener cars have come of age. The makers of $400,000 supercars and flashy sports utility vehicles find themselves trying to keep up with tiny, fuel efficient new models at this week’s Geneva auto show as toughening pollution laws put the focus on small, light and thrifty.

  7. Firun Foldable Rescue Carriage by Janine Züst – YankoDesign.Com

    Snow is fun but it ain’t no joke. If you suddenly take injury or fall ill, it becomes a nightmare obstacle for both you and rescuers. The Firun is an inflatable rescue carriage light enough to wear as a backpack, it provides cushioning, a lot easier to

  8. Maxell Exits the Disc Manufacturing Business – AudioJunkies.Com

    Maxell has announced that they are ending production of CD, DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs at the end of March. The Maxell brand name will continue to be used on packaging, but the era of being “blown away” by Maxell is definitely over

  9. Sonic Impact Apple 5.25″ Floppy Amplifier – AudioJunkies.Com

    Check out the Apple 5.25″ external floppy drive/integrated amplifier mod created by Jeff Kobi. The drive’s guts have been replaced by the tiny Sonic Impact 5066 Class-T amplifier, to produce 10 watts at 8 Ohms and 15 watts at 4 Ohms.

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