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  1. Employers expect more to work from home –

    A survey of more than 1,000 senior executives found 74% expected “virtual teams of employees”, working at a distance from each other, to become the norm by 2018. About 64% thought talented people would become “multi-employed”

  2. Rate-My-Cop: New Website Has Police Furious –

    Police agencies from coast to coast are furious with a new website on the internet. has the names of thousands of officers, and many believe it is putting them in danger, with ratings on more than 130,000 US officers.

  3. In brief: French artist to fill Tate – TheFirst Post.Co.Uk

    Leonard Cohen has announced his first world tour in 15, including eight dates in Britain… REM are to stream their new album Accelerate on Facebook, a first for the social networking site

  4. Kaplinsky and co (Newsreader) plummet in ratings – TheFirst Post.Co.Uk

    A new Ipsos MORI survey on trust in professionals showed that respect for UK television newsreaders has plummeted. Their net trustworthiness is now +34 after years in the 40s and 50s. Ten years ago their rating was +60

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  1. Murdoch outfoxed over website name – TheFirst Post.Co.UK

    World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has ruled Derek Hodges the rightful owner of, which he registered in Feb’ 2007 just hours before Murdoch announced he was launching his new cable TV channel.

  2. Metamophing Computer Interfaces – YankoDesign.Com

    The technology behind Siafu – Magneclay, is an oil based synthetic agent that possesses limitless morphing capabilities. It has a loose molecular structure but can be infinitely rearranged when acted upon by electrical and magnetic charges.

  3. 100+ Resources for Web Developers – Blog-Well.Com

    a list of over 100 resources to help make your life as a developer easier; where to find snippets of code, sites that automate processes, cheat sheets, lessons, useful tools and a couple of silly videos to give your brain a break if you make it through to

  4. 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work – JobMob.Co.IL

    Make your resume stand out by using a beautiful design that most people have never seen before. Here are some terrific resume ideas to inspire you.

  5. When the neighbour’s WLAN router sounds the attack – Heise-Online.Co.Uk

    Scientists of Indiana University and of the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Italy have investigated wireless networks as a potential platform for the distribution of worms, and how fast such a WiFi worm might spread across a city.

  6. Europe: London Close-up – The Amazing Staircase – ApartmentTherapy.Com

    Veronika and Sebastian’s rental apartment, with its amazing book-lined staircase. Here’s what the architect said about how he came up with this stylish space-saving solution.

  7. Teen Hacker Accused of Unleashing $20 Million Botnet – PCWorld.Com

    The New-Zealand-based accused, Owen Thorn Walker, is said to have been the leader of a group of programmers that set up a botnet that infected 1.3 million computers with the purpose of stealing credit cards and manipulating stock trades.

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