Here’s 9 versions of Hallelujah, writen by Leonard Cohen, and featured in the movie Shrek.

I’m not religious but I do really like this song. I prefer the Allison Crowe version, what version do you like best/least?

YouTube Preview Image

The other 8 versions are after the jump

Allison Crowe, live performance

Allison Crowe, live performance

John Cale

John Cale

Rufus Wainwright (Irish performance)

Rufus Wainwright (Irish performance)

Espen Lind(on gitar), Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen(World Idol)
4 norwegian singers

Espen Lind(on gitar), Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen(World Idol)<br />
4 norwegian singers

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley

Amanda Jenssen Р(Idol 2007) Bara l̴ten

Amanda Jenssen - (Idol 2007) Bara låten

Damien Rice – (Rock And Roll Hall of Fame)

Damien Rice - (Rock And Roll Hall of Fame)

by Emma Cherry

Emma Cherry

If you know of any other good versions then let me know in the comments, Thanks

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9 Responses to “Leonard Cohen Hallelujah, plus 8 other versions”

  1. My Old Kentucky blog has audio links to dozens of versions. I’ve not heard them all. I have watched all these videos, and more. My favorite is also the amazing Allison Crowe.

    There’s lots of discussion of Hallelujah lately and its popularity keeps growing, whether religious or not.

  2. Fantastic versions. I love the Jeff Buckley version. The Emma Cherry and the Damien Rice Versions are great too.
    If you look on you tube there are loads on there.
    Great choices. I simply love this song.

  3. The one I like is now on “Feast of Love” with Morgan Freeman and Radha Mitchell. The the singers name is something like Jeff Ouckley – hard to read it on the credits

  4. It really isn’t a religious song. It does draw from a religious metaphor, and has a deeply spiritual musical feel, but it is a song about seduction and heart break (even betrayal).

    Reminds me of Prince and his intertwining of sexual and religious themes.

  5. K.D. Lang does a pretty amazing rendition. (Available at YouTube.) Bon Jovi has made an atempt.

  6. This is a rare group rendition of the song that is pretty unique – The Blind Anabaptist Blues, out of Chicago

  7. i like rufis wainrights version on shrek and the 4 from norway but i also downloaded a female vocalist singing a version on a europian version of an album called “acustic love” but it doesen`t say who the artest is. i have been trying to find out who she is by going all over the net and listing to any female sing it to no avail it is a huanting rendition and i would love to know who she is all it says for her name is okand(the a has umlouts ie two dots above it) artist track 15 lasts 5 min 11 seconds if anyone knows who this is PLEASE let me know

  8. I like the Emma Cherry version.
    But then I would say that.

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