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  1. Where does “Blue” end and “Red” begin? – Blog.DoloresLabs.Com

    Each is printed in its color and positioned on a color wheel. Just looking around, there sure seem to be different regions for different names. We also made a color label explorer, so you can search for different terms and see different parts of the space

  2. Facebook To Launch Preferred Application Program – TechCrunch.Com

    Clearly Facebook is a little tired of beating questionable developer tactics away with a stick. So now they will reward developers who play by the rules and build useful, popular applications, with the ‘Preferred Application Program’

  3. Google To Spend $10 Million on Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project –

    As usual, Google is at the forefront of, well, everything. But this one is a little surprising: their philanthropic branch,, is putting $10 million into plug-in electric hybrid research and real-world testing.

  4. Facebook Security Lapse Leaves Private Photos Exposed, Even Paris and Zuck’s – ReadWriteWeb.Com

    The Associated Press reported that its reporters were able to use an undisclosed method to access private photos on Facebook, Update: Some readers here and on Twitter are telling us that it was a simple URL edit, which no longer works.

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  1. Yeah, But He Didn’t Predict The iPhone, Did He? – TechCrunch.Com

    James R. Berry in 1968 guessed right on flat panel displays and computers that do a lot of work for you. But he also thought we’d have robots to do our housework, cars that go 250 mph in heavy traffic, and domed, climate controlled cities.

  2. MySpace, Facebook Need To Be Useful To Make Money –

    The key to the future of these Web sites may lie in more practical functions, such as making plans, booking tickets or checking stock quotes. Simply put, if people do more things on social networks, they stay online longer, share with friends.

  3. Comic strip heroes take on al Qaeda – Reuters.Com

    Officials in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) had run a well received comic strip campaign against right-wing extremism in 2004 starring Andi, a schoolboy hero who stands up against xenophobia and racism.

  4. iPod Shuffle Has LCD Display – UberGizmo.Com

    the cloners are at it again, this time victimizing the Apple iPod Shuffle 2G by including a much needed LCD display as well as an integrated FM radio. It retails for less than $10 on eBay (before shipping)

  5. Finally, FriendFeed Answers The Twitter Conundrum – TechCrunch.Com

    Available now is the ability to respond to Tweets via FriendFeed on both Friendfeed itself and have those responses (complete with @user) posted to Twitter. FriendFeed fans will undoubtedly welcome the feature.

  6. Satellite radio merger gets antitrust OK – Reuters.Com

    Sirius Satellite Radio’s $4.59 billion purchase of rival XM Satellite Radio was given antitrust clearance on Monday as the Justice Department concluded consumers have many alternatives, including mobile phones and personal audio players.

  7. Security: The Man Who Owns Knows All The Secrets Of The World – Consumerist.Com

    If your company is in the habit of using a “” address in the “From” field of its emails, you might want to forward your IT department this. Chet Faliszek, a programmer in Seattle registered the domain seven years ago.

  8. Widget Maker Slide banned in Turkey –

    Slide isn’t the only company, Automattic’s is also blocked by Turkey. Pakistan, China and UAE have blocked or are blocking popular Web services such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.

  9. Sci-fi horror game gets a matching movie – NZHerald.Co.Nz

    Electronic Arts and Starz Media are producing an animated prequel movie to the upcoming sci-fi horror video game Dead Space. The film will pick up where the comic book series on which it is based ends and leads to the beginning of the game.

  10. Cameron ‘sorry for bike mistakes’ – BBC.Co.Uk

    Pictures in the Daily Mirror newspaper showed the politician breaching traffic rules as he cycled to work. “I know it is important to obey traffic laws – but I have obviously made mistakes on this occasion and I am sorry,” Mr Cameron said in a statement.

  11. Starbucks must pay $100m in tips – BBC.Co.Uk

    The lawsuit was filed in October 2004 by Jou Chou, a former Starbucks barista in La Jolla, California. In 2006 the suit was granted class action status, allowing it to go forward on behalf of as many as 100,000 former and current baristas in the chain’s C

  12. Wi-Fi: Intel Finds a Way to Transmit Wi-Fi Over a Distance of 60 Miles –

    The technology, dubbed the “Rural Connectivity Platform” (RCP) consists of a processor, radios, specialized software, and an antenna that can crank out data rates of about 6.5 megabits per second.

  13. Wikipedia goes under the microscope – TaipeiTimes.Com

    There have been persistent questions, that Wales has abused his expense account, including filing for a US$1,300 dinner for four at a Florida steakhouse that was ultimately denied and lacking receipts for US$30,000 in expenses.

  14. ‘Wanted’ video to go up on Web site – JapanTimes.Co.Jp

    In a bid to drum up tips in the hunt for a fugitive, a video with information on Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspected murderer of 22-year-old Briton Lindsay Ann Hawker, will be available for free viewing on the Internet from Wednesday noon.

  15. Airship technology demonstrator makes maiden flight –

    On 11 March R&D1 made three 15min flights at the company’s facilities to test the thrust-vectoring system that is to be used when control surfaces are not effective at very slow speeds.

  16. Family and friends say an emotional farewell to ITN newsreader Carol Barnes –

    Family and friends paid an emotional farewell to former ITN newsreader Carol Barnes at her funeral yesterday. Carol – a familiar screen face for 30 years – died aged 63 earlier this month after a massive stroke.

  17. ‘Happy slap’ accomplice sentenced – BBC.Co.Uk

    A 15-year-old girl who filmed a man being beaten to death in a so-called “happy slapping” attack in West Yorkshire has been detained. The girl will serve her two-year sentence in a young offenders’ institution, for her part in the death.

  18. Dalai Lama to resign if Tibet violence continues – Telegraph.Co.Uk

    The Dalai Lama today threatened to resign if the violence in Tibet spirals “out of control” as the Chinese prime minister accused him of orchestrating the protests in his homeland.

  19. Madonna to release new album via mobile – TimesOnline.Co.Uk

    Madonna, the singer who famously refused to make her music available on iTunes, will become the first artist to release an album via mobile phone prior to its release in store. One song a day from Hard Candy will be made available at 99p each.

  20. Science fiction author Arthur C Clarke dies aged 90 – TimesOnline.Co.Uk

    Science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clarke has died aged 90 in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, it was confirmed tonight. He was also credited with inventing the concept of communications satellites in 1945, decades before they became a reality.

  21. Damning ruling that Heather Mills tried to bar is published – TimesOnline.Co.Uk

    Heather Mills was castigated yesterday as a greedy fantasist who indulged in make-believe; a “less than candid witness” and a woman whose claims about her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney were “devoid of reality”.

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