Skills in: dancing, magic, parkour, roller bladers, biliards trick shots, hands, heads, football, pen tricks, eyes and more… Music by DJ Tiesto – He’s a Pirate

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One Response to “Amazing things about everything”

  1. I’ve just stumbled into this stuff – I was looking for inspiration for some club wear designs and I came across a Parkour video on YouTube…

    I really couldn’t believe my eyes at some of the things you can get up to!

    There’s a computer game for this stuff too! I suppose that’s for when you need a little rest for your legs. How did I miss this before in my life. I watched a video of someone called Gizmo(?) who was doing this stuff in black and white film days!

    Anyway, I’ll try and get some t-shirts suitable for the free movement that determines the grace and power of Parkour.

    I’ve put up a blog about it too – I was that impressed!

    Maybe I can get some constructive comments back?

    Party on!

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