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  1. Complete HTML True Color Chart; Table of color codes for html documents –

    The background color in each cell is produced by the color code shown.

  2. Sean’s Portfolio –

    Some great art work by Sean Diediker

  3. Geek Cakes: For Geeky Wedding or Geeky Birthday –

    If you are geek, why would you have a regular cake for your wedding or birthday? if the only reason you don’t have one is because you are running out of ideas, here are some cakes that have geek written all over them.


    “FLARE units, The FLARE system consists of a number of tiltable metal flake bodies supplemented by individually controllable pneumatic cylinders.” Check out the video at the bottom of the page

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  1. 13 Awesome Screensavers –

    Who said screensavers were dead? Sure, our monitors dont really need them anymore and screen burn is a thing of the past, but some people still like them.

  2. An Overview of Windows Sound and Music “Glitching” Issues –

    Why does my Windows sound sometimes “glitch?” or why Microsoft glitched when it brought out Vista. If it was down to hardware why does XP on the same hardware have no problems playing audio but does when running Vista?

  3. Public Enema No. 2 – San Francisco –

    The fix the Art Institute finds itself in, it may be sued into oblivion by a distressed student, is entirely of its own making. By placing itself at the vanguard of the academic art world the Institute has also put itself in jeopardy.

  4. Public servant accessed porn sites 780,000 times –

    “A Japanese civil servant was demoted for viewing pornographic Web sites more than 780,000 times during office hours over a nine-month period.” If this is true, that’s a site every 30 sec, 24 hours a day for 9 months solid. His poor eyes

  5. State of the Green Data Center 2008 –

    Fifty one percent of companies have a green data center strategy, according to new research from Digital Realty Trust (DLR). Here’s the issue: that number is down from 55 percent in Digital’s 2007 study.

  6. Facebook Now Running 10,000 Web Servers –

    Facebook VP of Technology Jeff Rothschild provided some details in a panel at the recent MySQL user conference. Facebook is now running 10,000 servers, including 1,800 MySQL servers, overseen by just two database administrators.

  7. Geekstreak episode 2: the Sony walkman –

    Sony ruled the personal audio market before Apple stormed their bastion with the iPod. We tend to forget that this was only seven years ago. In this episode of the geekstreak Henk remembers the Sony walkman.

  8. Price cut moves U.K. iPhones – CNET

    It was only a week ago that O2 cut the price of the 8GB model from 269 British pounds ($533) to 169 British pounds ($335), a move that was seen as a inventory-clearing measure ahead of the expected introduction of a 3G iPhone.

  9. Comprehensive list of low-cost ultraportables –

    Over the past six months or so, Asus, Everex, and HP have managed to bring low-cost ultraportable notebooks to market. But dozens of other computer makers have promised to bring out their own mini-notebooks.

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