The 342mph environmentally friendly supercar that’s yours for a cool £1m – DailyMail.Co.UK

It only has a 1.4 litre engine plus a 3hp electric motor but returns 75mpg, although not at 342mph, wonder why it has a UK£130,000 sound system in it? So if your still looking for a Hybrid and have a spare million then take a look.

The two-seater supercar produces less carbon dioxide emissions than a standard family saloon

The 253mph Bugatti Veyron’s has a hugh 16.4litre engine – The Acabion has a 1.4 litres plus a 2kw electric motor for short, low-speed journeys and reversing.Although its engineer Dr Peter Maskus insists it is a supercar, as it also has two smaller wheels on hydraulic arms that stay up at speed but can be lowered to aid stability at slow speeds, it main components come from a motorbike, with a motorcycle engine, wheels, tyres and bike-style in-line seats.

Now if they sell it without the UK£130,000 sound system it will only take me about 4 or 5 life time’s to save up to buy one.

Hope they start to make a cheaper version soon

Found via – The Daily Mail, UK

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