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  1. PlayAnywhere –

    We use computer vision technology to sense when the user touches the surface and to reason about other objects placed on the surface, such as game pieces.

  2. Google Flips The Switch On Largest Corporate Solar Installation In U.S. – GreenOptions.Com

    Google became a lot less dependent on the grid by flipping the switch on nearly 9,212 solar panels. The output of more than 1.6 megawatts will serve up enough energy to power almost 1/3 of the campus or more than 1,000 homes!

  3. ShedWorking.Co.UK

    The only daily-updated guide to the lifestyles of homeworkers in sheds and shedlike atmospheres around the world

  4. My little PodSolar, wind, Hydro, renewables, water – life unplugged – off-Grid.Net

    The Power POD is an ideal vessel to go off-grid in. It has active solar power, passive solar design, rainwater collection and boasts SIP (solar insulated panel) construction. It arrives on a single flatbed truck and sets up in one day.

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