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  1. YouTube videos will stream to iPhones – IOLTechnology.Co.Za

    Apple said it tailored iPhone software to receive content from the superstar video-sharing website and play it on the device’s 8,89cm wide display. IPhones go on sale at US Apple and AT&T stores June 29.

  2. Microsoft Search Compromise Could Hinder Innovation : Desktop Search — InformationWeek.Com

    Microsoft has agreed to change the way its Windows Vista operating system handles desktop search queries to answer a confidential antitrust complaint filed by Google. But no one is really happy about the compromise

  3. Default Viral Title Player – Brightcove.Com

    I video demo of the coffee table computer from Microsoft

  4. Gasoline Prices Around The World –

    So its true then, The UK does have the highest fuel price’s in the world… great

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  1. SanDisk Releases 64GB SSDs To OEMs – Sektor.Bizhat.Com

    These drives will go out to OEMs first and there is no news when it might become a consumer offering so those hoping to upgrade will be looking at a whole new machine, not a drop in replacement. Which is a not good for us consumers

  2. Surprising Origin Of Cell’s Internal Highways – ScienceDaily.Com

    While microtubules in some specialized cells can originate from non-centrosomal structures, the centrosome has been considered the main origination point for microtubule “nucleation” in most cells. Until now.

  3. ‘Super’ Stainless Steel Developed – ScienceDaily.Com

    The new alloys offer superior oxidation resistance compared to conventional stainless steels, without significant increased cost or decreased creep resistance (sagging at high temperature).

  4. Arms12 –

    If you thought you couldn’t play catch by yourself , then now you can… sort of.

  5. Uber-Eco-Towers: The Top Ten Green Skyscrapers – EcoGeek.Com

    Green skyscrapers offer so much for the average EcoGeek to drool over. Each one can contain hundreds of innovations that make the world a cleaner place, they build up, rather than out, and many of them are frikkin gorgeous.

  6. Listen to the Band play –

    I very simply little band done in flash, you can turn each person on or off by clicking on them, Simply but interesting

  7. Mac OS X 10.4.10 improves Bluetooth, USB – MacWorld.Com

    The update also addresses several USB issues including improving reliability when using the IR remote control after waking from sleep. Reliability when mounting external USB hard drives has been improved as well.

  8. Better Daylighting – GreenOptions.Com

    The high contrast between areas where the daylight is streaming through the windows and other parts of the space that are not directly lit is visually (and sometimes even literally) uncomfortable.

  9. Internet is spherical with a dense core – COSMOSmagazine.Com

    Analysing the shape, or ‘topology’ of the internet may seem like an esoteric activity, but according to software engineers led by Yuval Shavitt, from Tel-Aviv University in Israel, it has practical implications.

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