Now this is what you call a plane interior

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7 Responses to “Week 29 Boeing Dreamliner Interior Design”

  1. IÂ’ve had the itch to try decoupage. Being a huge booklover and print design hound, IÂ’m always collecting bits of paper and interesting images simply because I like the way they look.I had plenty of online instructions bookmarked. And even some inspiring examples — like guest designer Linda Merrill (proof that even a trash can can be beautiful) and fellow nesting mom Courtney Russell (finally – a use for old sewing patterns!). But it wasnÂ’t until I found the perfect-height bookshelf to serve as a nightstand for my sonÂ’s low storage bed and the perfect solution for the pile of books that seems to accumulate there.

  2. this is so cool!!!!

  3. That is really cool!

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  6. Its really nice to see such a beautiful image…

  7. where are the flat beds? the privacy for business travellers? the video games? massage rooms for first class? Yes the pictures are pretty (electric blue can do that to anything!), but they don’t really represent the inside of a modern aeroplane now, do they? (and who on earth (apart from Easyjet) has orange seats, even in cattle class?!)And we all know that every airline will want curtains between class cabins.

    Come on Boeing. Since the dreamliner is so delayed, maybe you can get some more realistic and updated pictures published.

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